Centre for International Business Studies

2002 Eldon D. Foote Lecture in International Business

About the Foote Lecture

Dr. Charles Sie was, for over two decades, a technology development leader at Xerox in California and now is lecturer on technology management at the University of Southern California. He also mentors technology professionals in the Los Angeles area, and is Vice-Chairman of the “Committee of 100”, a civic organization which promotes understanding between the peoples of China and the U.S. Dr. Sie’s first talk will be a review of changing trends in business in the US, and is intended as  an up-to-date business survey for Asia-focused enterprise developers. His second talk will be presented as the School of Business’s annual Eldon D. Foote Lecture. In it, Dr. Sie will be combining observations he gathered from recent visits in China and from meetings with Chinese leaders, together with his reflections on the larger, more historical turn marked by China’s entry into the WTO. He give his answers to such questions as, “What is motivating this move by China’s leaders?”, and, “What will be that country’s greatest challenges and gains in the near future?”