Centre for International Business Studies

2010 Eldon D. Foote Lecture in International Business

Playing it Right In China: Navigating Asia's New Business Landscape

Katherine Tsang
Chairperson of Standard Chartered Bank (China)
Distinguished University Alumna, ’78 BCom

Wednesday, November 10, 2010 at 4:00 pm
Tory Lecture Hall, Main Floor, Room 12 (TB-12), University of Alberta 
11425 Saskatchewan Drive

Light refreshments and snacks in the foyer following the lecture.

Both the lecture and reception are free, but registration is recommended, please e-mail to: footelecture@ualberta.ca.

About the 2010 Foote Lecturer

Katherine Tsang
Chairperson of Standard Chartered Bank (China) 
Distinguished University Alumna, ’78 BCom

Katherine Tsang is Chairperson, Greater China, at Standard Chartered Bank. She joined Standard Chartered in 1992, and has since held various positions there, including Executive Vice Chair, and CEO of Standard Chartered, China. She has maintained the Bank’s strong track record of consistently delivering superior business performance, by developing and managing its people to achieve their full potential. In the scope of her career, she has held global roles focusing on a diversity of regions, including Asia Pacific, South Asia, Middle East, Africa, UK, and the Americas.

As Chair for Greater China, Ms. Tsang now plays a vital leadership role in driving Standard Chartered’s strategic growth in that region. The Bank’s China franchise has grown significantly under her tenure to this point, and achieved unprecedented financial performance. She successfully implemented a series of key projects which not only established the Bank’s business in China, but also helped to support the sustainable, long-term growth of the Chinese economy. 

Lecture Abstract:

Ms. Tsang will be using the occasion of her return to the University of Alberta as an opportunity to move us beyond the buzzword status that “Greater China” (China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan) has attained. The growth of China as an economic and political powerhouse, particularly in the past decade, compels a focus on this new, larger geographic entity. The even more recent release of new Chinese policies and initiatives will have a major impact on the dynamics of that region, as well as on its relationship with the rest of the world. For companies or individuals that operate in or are planning to engage with Greater China, Ms. Tsang will be taking up a crucial question: what does it take to play one’s cards right now, and to gain ground in this still rapidly evolving region? 

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