Centre for International Business Studies

2017 Eldon D. Foote Lecture in International Business

Canada-US Trade Relations: Shaping a Policy for the Trump Era 

Thursday, September 21st, 2017

Stollery Centre, 5-40A+B, Business Building

University of Alberta Main Campus


Gary Doer, OM
Ambassador to the the US, 2009-2016


Gary Doer served as Canada’s 23rd representative to the United States of America, from 2009 until the spring of last year. Prior to taking up his position in Washington, Ambassador Doer served as Premier of Manitoba for ten years.  During that time, he worked extensively with U.S. Governors to enhance Canada‐U.S. cooperation on trade, agriculture, water protection, climate change and renewable energy. Ambassador Doer won three consecutive elections as Premier of Manitoba, with increased majorities each occasion.  His government introduced balanced budgets during each of his ten years in office while reducing many taxes, including a plan to eliminate small business tax.  As Premier, he led strategic investments in health care, education, and training and infrastructure.  In 2005, he was named by Business Week magazine as one of the top 20 international leaders on climate change. 

In his talk on campus, Ambassador Doer will review aspects of Canada-US relations that informed and characterised the Obama era, and will consider where change is most likely to come, with the transfer of power in Washington this month. As well, he will suggest what needs to be of greatest consideration by Canadian trade and foreign policy makers, in light of anti-globalizing trends in trade and foreign affairs outlooks, in the US and elsewhere.https://ssl.gstatic.com/ui/v1/icons/mail/images/cleardot.gif



The Lecture is free, snacks and beverages are provided. RSVP here.