Identifying the future directions of strategic Supply Chain Management for Alberta’s oil and gas sector

Which strategic decision areas will critically govern supply chain efficiencies in Alberta's petroleum sector during the coming decade? In March and April of this year, the Centre for International Business Studies will be researching the question, through the "SCM2010 and Beyond" project.

This multi-phased and multi-national research initiative was inaugurated in 2006 by Dr. Steven A. Melnyk and Professor Joe Sandor from the Department of Supply Chain Management, the Eli Broad Graduate School of Management, Michigan State University. The goal of this research initiative was to determine broad, industry-identified supply chain challenges in three regions, and to project strategic priorities for each of the areas into the near (i.e. 5-year) future. The project has since grown to include IMD in Switzerland, the Darden School at the University of Virginia and now the University of Alberta. Our current phase will become the Project’s fourth, western Canadian lobe.

Research and design is being jointly undertaken by supply chain studies researchers from the University of Alberta and Michigan State University. Support for the project is further being provided by Alberta Institute Purchasing Management Association of Canada, and research results will contribute to on-going development of training programs for industry professionals.

To move forward, project investigators need to enlist participation in an initial survey by a cross section of active upstream oil and gas companies and SCM practitioners.

Survey results will get statistically compiled and reported in aggregate terms only, and its tabled outcomes will be shared with all respondents. Individual responses will be made available only to their individual contributors. Survey respondents will also get invited to a reception and workshop at the University of Alberta in late April. The workshop presentations and discussion will help us to better understand supply chain issues affecting Alberta’s petro-sector, and to formulate a research agenda for scholars and researchers interested in its study. As a follow-up initiative, there will be an Executive Summit in early autumn, to review results and strategies for industry leaders.

Are you interested in participating in SCM2010?

Are your current or recent work efforts connected to Alberta's oil and gas sector? Have they been significantly related to supply chain activities? If so, then we invite you to participate in 'SCM2010 and Beyond'. Please reach John Doyle at to notify of your intention to participate, and then proceed to the project's on-line survey, at:

The survey has 50 questions, and takes approximately 20 minutes to complete. All respondents will be invited to participate in the follow-up workshop, at the University of Alberta, on Friday, April 25th.

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‘SCM2010 and Beyond’ Research Directors

Dr. Edy Wong
Dr. Edy Wong, (PhD, 1984)
University of Alberta
Alberta School of Business
Associate Dean – International
Director, Centre for International Business Studies

Dr. Edy Wong’s twenty-five year career as academic, administrator and industry consultant has focused on the advancing understanding and enhancing professional practice within supply chain and logistics sectors. He has further maintained a special focus on western Canada’s SCM linkages to Asia.

In Canada, Dr. Wong teaches international supply chain study within the graduate program of the Alberta School of Business at the University of Alberta. In Asia, he is senior consultant to the China Petroleum Equipment Manufacturers Association and to the Shenzhen Logistics Association, as well as visiting professor at three Chinese universities.

Dr. Wong is Vice-Chair of the Purchasing Management Association of Canada (PMAC). He has served on several business association boards, including a term as President of Hong Kong-Canada Business Association, Edmonton Chapter (1999-2002). His past professional awards include Northern Alberta Transportation Club Award of Excellence (2001) and he has on several occasions been included in Alberta Venture Magazine's yearly list of "50 Most Influential People in Alberta Business.”


Dr. Steven Melyk
Dr. Steven Melnyk, (PhD, CPIM)
Michigan State University
Professor of Operations and Supply Chain Management
The Eli Broad Graduate School of Management

Dr. Steven Melnyk is Professor of Operations and Supply Chain Management in the Department of Marketing & Supply Chain Management at The Eli Broad Graduate School of Management, Michigan State University. He was lead researcher in all three of the previous Phases of SCM2010 and Beyond, which have been led in the U.S. and Europe.

He is the author of over 60 articles and 14 books dealing with various topics in Operations and Supply Chain Management, with special emphasis on process management, performance measurement, and environmentally responsible management.

Dr. Melnyk is Faculty Coordinator for the nationally recognized MSU-Masco executive program. The Masco Leadership Program in Operations Management (MLP-OM) has consistently yielded verified returns in excess of 600 percent.

He is the lead author of the monthly "Back to Basics" article found in APICS: The Performance Advantage.


Alberta Institute The Alberta Phase of ‘SCM2010 and Beyond’ is a collaborative project with Alberta Institute Purchasing Management Association of Canada.