For SMEs: University of Alberta Certificate Program - Calgary



Entering Other Strategic Oil and Gas Services Markets:
Market Readiness 1


Entering Other Strategic Oil and Gas Services Markets: 
Market Readiness II  

Wednesday, December 13th, 2017 and
Thursday, December 14th, 2017, at
Kahanoff Centre, Room 201
105-12 Avenue SE, Calgary


This linked workshop has been piloted and delivered by PSAC and the University of Alberta. It spotlight market development strategies through practice and theory, using a hands-on, personal skill-building approach. Its contents are shaped by recent research on experience of Alberta petroleum service companies and informed by well tested practices in international business. The aim of the workshop is to be relevant to industry and participants. On an individual basis, focus is on developing decision-making, international business , and leadership skills. At a company level, they will address questions such as market development strategy, local entry tactics, market analysis, negotiations, and conflict resolutions. The "Level 1" training, offered on December 13, has been delivered in three different regions of the Province this year, with very strong, positive response. December 14 will be the first time to offer the Level 2 training, which is designed for veterans of Level 1, or as follow-up on the three earlier trainings.

The overall cost to attend this certificate program is $600 per person; however PSAC and Alberta Economic Development will underwrite the fee for this. Pre -attendance materials will be distributed in advance. 


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