Entering Foreign Markets II

December 14, 2017


8:30 to



Check-ins, coffee/light breakfast snacks, informal introductions


9:00 to
10:00 AM



Session 5

The Internationalization Process

Edy Wong, Director, Centre for
International Business Studies


Using the framework provided in advance of this session, work through the “how to’s” together, with the aim of developing a viable market positioning outside of Alberta.

Participants ask questions they need to be asking in assessing new markets (e.g. What are the substitutes for your product? Where is your value propositions?). They critically review their own organizational capabilities, and consider how to evaluate them.

This first session will also consider leading practices for market selection, assessment and competitive analysis. Participants will learn how to look for evidence, and consider what data they should be accessing


10:20 to
11:55 AM



Session 6

The Internationalization Process, con’d



Participants work in smaller working groups, to complete a linked series of cultural, legal, operational, risk and supply chain situated scenarios.
By considering entry strategies and tactics systematically and from an internal-to-your-company perspective, you will develop awareness of where pitfalls lie, and are the likeliest steps to take to de-risk a project.


Noon to
1:15 PM


Presentations go from 12:10 to 1:10 pm



Lunchtime speakers will be small business leaders who have used different types of resources or intermediaries, within government or industry. Discussion will focus on how they found out about them, why they approached them, and what was the outcome.

1:30 to
3:00 PM



Session 7 (includes Panel 4)
Success Abroad: Keeping the Moving Parts Moving


This session will enable participants to review leading practices.
Participants’ working groups present their findings to a review panel of sector leaders, with export backgrounds to use as a “reality check” on the responses that get presented.

3:00 to
3:15 PM

Coffee/Health Break



3:15 to
3:45 PM


Some concluding thoughts:
What’s Next?



Tell this program’s organizers (PSAC, EDT, and UofA Business) what to do next, to help augment Alberta oil and gas services and technology companies’ international readiness.


3:45 to
5:00 PM


Network Connector



Potential entrants, new exporters, and veterans of international oil and gas plays are all welcomed to this informal mixer! In getting into other markets, you aren’t alone, or you don’t have to be. Representatives from legal, financial, and management advisory sectors also will be invited, to enable SME owners or leads to find out what further, specialized assistance is available, from professional service firms with out of Province reach.