Entering Other Oil and Gas Services Markets: Readiness Training I

December 13, 2017



8:30 to 9:00 AM


Check-ins, coffee, informal introductions


9:00 to
9:50 AM




Session 1 (includes Panel 1)
Examining Earlier Export Realities, and Facing Our New Ones

Mark Salkeld, President,PSAC(Session M-C)




This panel looks at the question, “Can new O&G service providers learn from long-timers in the sector, or has yesterday’s playbook for exporters been too drastically reworked?” Gaina sense of what export of services involved traditionally, then consider how this has changed a great deal recently, particularly in the past three or four years. In group discussion, we will consider what this newer series of changes likely means for businesses who are new to exporting.


10:00 to
10:45 AM



Session 2 (includes Panel 2)
Trade Missions---Where Do They Fit?
Tim Hazlett, Director, Oil and Gas Services, Oil and Value Chains Unit (Session M-C)


The aim of this session will be to highlight why outbound trade missions are alive and well, numerically even thriving. You will hear how purpose-fit they are for SMEs, but also learn where their limitations lie. Discussion will spell out essential differences between a trade mission and a sales mission, and consider why both need to fit inside a larger company strategy and export capacity plan.

11:00 to
11:50 AM


Session 3 (includes Panel 3)
Looking for Help Inside other markets---Agents, Brokers, Intermediaries or Partners?
Terry Strang, Director, Canada Global Explorations Forum (Session M-C)



Macro-level market intelligence can be a ground clearer for businesses who are trying to identify one market among many. But, this first step taken, how do you then move to other, on-the-ground sources of local knowledge and access? This session will consider a range of available resources for SMEs, and examine pros and cons for using them. In group discussion, we’ll look how things have changed with regard to IT, supply chain advances, regional trade pacts, etc. We’ll also consider whether, through change, traditional sources for help have been augmented or diminished.


12:00 to
1:30 PM


Presentation from 12:10 to 1:10 pm
Lunchtime moderator: Tim Hazlett



Get introduced, at this working lunch, to newer Government of Alberta export support and de-risking programs. Discussion will highlight how, increasingly, government facilitators are expecting business applicants for funding to adopt due diligence processes, particularly in how they arrive at a target market for export.

Note: before and after lunch in the adjacent foyer, you can access short video overviews of government and industry resources available to small business exporters. These clips are from “Enter Other Markets” trainings held earlier this year.


1:30 to
2:30 PM



Session 4

Developing an International Strategy Path

Edy Wong, Associate Dean, International, Alberta School ofBusiness


To review the essentials,Edy Wong (Director, Centre for International Business Studies) will lead participants through two composite case studies, derived from recent interviews with twenty O&G services exporters. He’ll then summarize results of a survey of SMEs export efforts, and present his observations from recent Export Expansion CEO training.

Discussion will focus on key takeaways from this morning’s sessions, and on how these should shape next day’s interactive sessions.


2:45 to
4:00 PM



Session 5
A framework for working through the essentials


In this final, springboard session, you will answer a preliminary set of questions, to prepare for tomorrow and to enable facilitators to final shape next day’s focus of discussion. By the conclusion of Day 2, you should have the framework for a business entry plan for your own business.