Entering Foreign Markets

DAY ONE— Tuesday, June 27, 2017 

11:45 to

12:15 PM




Check-ins, buffet styled lunch, informal introductions at individual tables



12:15 to

12:25 PM



Introductions, Mark Salkeld

Welcome, and introduction of our venue host, Donald School of Business




Brief overview of the School by Darcy Mykytyshyn, Dean



12:30 to

12:55 AM


1:00 to

1:55 PM



Facing Our New Realities

Mark Salkeld, President,
PSAC(Session M-C)


Session 1, Panel 1 

“Wins, Losses, Tribulations”
(note: this session was meant to give a sense of the “international marketing environment, and its pitfalls, by long-time veterans in both “easy” (e.g. US, Europe) and “difficult” (e.g. Asia, Africa) regions)



Global ventures by SMEs in our sector have been impressive, but widespread and variedin their reach and outcomes. This session considers patterns of go-abroad efforts in the past four decades. Some lingering myths will be confronted, and at least one central, time-tested principle in the strategy of successful Alberta exporters will be highlighted.


Session 1 panelists:
Bill Karran, Corporate Sales Executive, Stream-flo
Tim Burns, Dir. Marketing, Gazelle Group
Sheldon Nadeau, DataCan (TBC)



2:00 to

2:40 PM




Session 2, Panel 2

“Trade Missions---Best Bang for your Buck?”
(note: this session was meant to highlight the different reasons which companies go on trade missions; what they do to prepare for them; what some of their different after-Mission responses are)



Observations from SMEs who participated in a recent Provincial Trade Mission, will give reports on their first go-abroad experiences of doing business internationally, and talk of follow-up developments.

Session 2 panelists:

Andrew Kavanagh, VP Business Development, Sage Energry Int’l
Barry Strauss, Sr. VP, DFI Corporation
Steve Kalny, Sr. Director, Pipeline Sales, Evraz North America


2:40 to
3:00 AM




Session 2, Comment

Trade Missions and other first foray realities”
Tim Hazlett, Director, Oil and Gas Services, Oil and Value Chains Unit




Further comments by Economic Development & Trade Mission Organizers on “first foray realities”, and Q&A with all of Panel 2’s presenters




3:00 to 3:15 PM



Coffee/Health Break






3:15 to

3:30 PM



Session 3, Speaker 1

Looking Ahead

Linda Hawk (TBC)
ADM,Trade & Investment Attraction, Alberta Economic Development & Trade



The overall US energy scene is difficult to read into the future, so likely developments in different global markets should now be spurring international strategy-building efforts. Highlights of the new Government of Alberta programs to help SMEs ease the cost of exporting will get presented.



3:30 to

3:55 PM



Session 3, Speaker 2

Michael Cardozo (TBC)
Acting Program Mgr, AEEP, Alberta Economic Developmentand Trade




Alberta's new Export Expansion Package (Export Support Fund, Global Buyers and Investors Program, and Export Readiness Program)



3:55 to 4:25



 Session 4

“SMEs and their Paths to International Strategy”

Edy Wong, Associate Dean, International, Alberta School of Business



In preparation for the hands on training of tomorrow,Dr. Edy Wong will describe which challenges exporting SMEs in the services sector have said that they faced, and how they shaped such firms’ international business arrangements and strategies in different regional markets. A provided “strategy check list” will get reviewed, and a sampling of next day’s business cases will be provided.


4:30 to

5:45 PM


Network Connector in the Room TBC

Potential entrants, new exporters, and veterans of international oil and gas plays are all welcomed!