Entering Strategic Foreign Oil and Gas Services Markets

DAY TWO— March 3, 2017

8:00 AM

Check-ins, warm up breakfast

Informal introductions


8:30 to
11:45 AM


Session 5

The Internationalization Process_Case Studies 1


Session 6_The Internationalization Process_Case Studies 2

Edy Wong, Director, Centre for
International Business Studies


Petroleum services cases and small group analysis 1:
Linking an Alberta strategy checklist to international best practices


11:45 AM to
1:00 PM


Working Lunch, with discussion
Mark Salkeld, Pres. PSAC



Business Development Bank
Alberta Economic Development & Trade
Trade Commissioner Service
Export Development Bank
Calgary Economic Development
Canadian Energy Chamber of Commerce
Canada Global Economic Forum
DMG Presenters
Canadian Commercial Corporation


The good? There is a very wide range of services, in both industry and government, to assist SMEs at every stage of their journeys to export.
The bad? Figuring out who to call, when, and about what is often complex or confusing. Short overviews and cases offered by players in this broad suite of services will link their respective services together, and build up a coherent and navigable export strategy picture.


Representatives from industry and government export assistance providers (above) will be available to meet individual SME owner-operators.


1:00 to
1:30 PM


One-on-one meetings (Room 207) with representatives above


1:30 to
3:30 PM

Session 7—The Internationalization Process—Finale

Edy Wong, Director, Centre for
International Business Studies


Petroleum services cases and full group analysis 2:
Linking international best practices and Alberta-based mentorship


3:30 to
4:00 PM


What next?

Program recap, and feedback for follow-up


Tell this program’s organizers (PSAC, EDT, and UofA Business) what to do next, to help augment Alberta oil and gas services and tech companies’ international readiness