Entering Strategic Foreign Oil and Gas Services Markets

DAY ONE March 1, 2017



8:30 to

9:00 AM




Check-ins, coffee, informal introductions




9:00 to
9:30 AM



9:30 to
10:30 AM




Facing Our New Realities
Mark Salkeld, President,
PSAC(Session M-C)


Session1 Panel 1
“Wins, Losses, Tribulations”





Global ventures by SMEs in our sector have been impressive, but widespread and variedin their reach and outcomes. This session considers patterns of go-abroad efforts in the past four decades. Some lingering myths will be confronted, and at least one central, time-tested principle in the strategy of successful Alberta exporters will be highlighted.

Companies who took part in recent go-abroad trade missions also will give reports on their first experiences doing business internationally.




10:45 to
11:05 AM





Session 1Panel 2
“Trade Missions---Best Bang for your Buck?”




Observations from SMEs who participated in a recent Provincial Trade Mission, and on follow-up developments since then.



11:05 to
11:20 AM





Trade Missions and other first foray realities”
Tim Hazlett, Director, Oil and Gas Services, Oil and Value Chains Unit





Further discuss “Trade Missions and other first foray realities”

and Q&A of all Panel 2 presenters





11:20 to
12:00 PM



Session 2

The Go Global Market Survey---Is it Scalable to Your Own Business?”

Bemal Mehta, Senior VP, Energy
Intelligence, JWN






In this Market Entry Workshop-styled session, Bemel explains how two recent Go Global reports were researched and assembled, and demonstrates the type of rigor required on the part of Alberta’s service sector as a whole, in rationalizing and targeting high potential markets abroad. This workshop will aim to bring home to individual business owner-directors the need to do this for their specific businesses, and to arrive at best market entry selections, based on their specific services and on their particular circumstances. A part of this session will explore methodology, to show how bases of comparison were selected and applied to national markets to determined their key characteristics for exporters..





12:00 to
1:30 PM




Working Lunch, with discussion
Looking Ahead

Keynote Presenter, Linda Hawk
Executive Director, Alberta Economic Development and Trade




While the overall US energy scene is not likely be changing in the short term, local developments in different global markets should now be spurring international strategy building efforts. Highlights of the new Government ofAlberta programs to help SMEs ease the cost of exporting will be included.




Andrew Fisher
Acting Prog. Mgr, AEEP, Alberta Economic Developmentand Trade




Alberta's new Export Expansion Package (Export Support Fund, Global Buyers and Investors Program, and Export Readiness Program)




1:45 to
2:30 PM





Session 3

“SMEs and their Paths to International Strategy”

Edy Wong, Assoc. Dean Int’l, Alberta School ofBusiness




In preparation for the hands on training of tomorrow,Dr. Edy Wong will describe which challenges exporting SMEs in the services sector have said that they faced, and how they shaped such firms’ international business arrangements and strategies in different regional markets. A provided “strategy check list” will get reviewed, and next day’s business cases will be introduced.





2:45 to
3:45 PM





Session 4
Success Abroad: Experiences of Petro Services SMEs in Global Markets




Veterans in the O&G services sector reveal what was involved in reaching, over time, success in international ventures




3:45 to
5:00 PM




Network Connector inthe adjacent room 207

Potential entrants, new exporters, and veterans of international oil and gas plays are all welcomed!