Centre for Excellence in Operations (CEO)

Associates & Staff

Current Staff

Armann Inglfsson Armann Ingolfsson
Associate Professor & Acting Academic Director
Ph.D. in Operations Research (1994, MIT)
Interests: Workforce scheduling, emergency service
operations,queuing systems with time-varying
arrival and service processes.
Dan Haight
Centre Manager
Bachelor of Commerce (1997, University of Alberta)
Matt Stanton Matt Stanton
Research Analyst
Bachelor of Commerce (University of Alberta)
Geoff Holmes

Geoff Holmes 
Research Analyst
Bachelor of Commerce (University of Alberta)

Craig Schram

Craig Schram
Research Analyst
Bachelor of Commerce (University of Alberta)

no photo available Joey Cherdarchuk
Research Analyst
Bachelor of Commerce (University of Alberta)
no photo available Angela Kercher
Research Analyst
Bachelor of Commerce (University of Alberta)
no photo available

Mohamed Salama
Research Analyst
Bachelor of Science (University of Alberta)

Current Research Associates

no photo available

Ramon Alanis
Ph.D. Student

Raymond Patterson Raymond Patterson
Associate Professor
Ph.D. (1995, Ohio State University)
Interests: Meta-heuristic decision techniques, telecommunication topology design, managerial issues related to telecommunications.
Ken Schultz Ken Schultz
Ph.D. (Cornell University)
Interests: effects of human behaviour on Operations Management decisions.

Susan Budge

Susan Budge
Postdoctoral Fellow
Ph.D. (2004, University of Alberta), MBA (1998, University of Alberta)
Interests: Facility location, emergency service operations, health applications.

Terry Daniel Terry Daniel
Ph.D. (1974, Stanford University)
Interests: competitive decision-making under uncertainty.
Dave Jobson Dave Jobson
Professor Emeritus
Ph.D. in Statistics (1972, Iowa State University)
Tarr Joro Tarja Joro
Assistant Professor
Ph.D. in Economics (2000, Helsinki School of Economics)
Interests: Service operations management, data envelopment analysis, efficiency analysis, production economics, quantitative finance.
Bora Kolfal Bora Kolfal
Assistant Professor
Ph.D. (2007, Northwestern University)
Interests: service operations management and quantitative management consulting.

Former Research Associates

Osman Alp Osman Alp
Former Postdoctoral Fellow
Edgar Cabral Edgar Alberto Cabral
Former Ph.D. Student
Ph.D. (2005, University of Alberta), M.Sc. (1999, École des Hautes Études Commerciales - HEC Montréal)
Interests: Heuristics, network design, transportation, telecommunications, GIS.
Ignacio Castillo Ignacio Castillo
Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering (2001, Texas A&M University)
Interests: Facility location, facility layout and material handling systems, manufacturing and service operations, logistics.
Abdullah Dasci Abdullah Dasci
Ph.D. in Management (2001, McGill University)
Interests: Facility location, competitive location, supply chain management.


Erhan Erkut Erhan Erkut
Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering (1986, University of Florida)
Interests: Facility location, transportation, hazardous materials, network design, heuristics.
Yongyue Li Yongyue Li
Former Ph.D. Student
Ph.D. (2005, University of Alberta), MBA (1999, University of Alberta)
Interests: Workforce scheduling and rostering, queuing systems, applications in healthcare.
Sherry Oh Sherry Oh
Former Ph.D. Student
MBA (University of Calgary), B. Ed and BA Sc. Honors (University of Toronto)
Interests: Call centre operations, scheduling, Bayesian statistics, financial modeling.
Stevanus Tjandra Stevanus Adrianto Tjandra
Ph.D. in Mathematics (2003, Technische Universitat Kaiserslautern)
Interests: Network flow, multiple criteria optimization, in-house logistics simulation, hazardous materials.
Dawit Zerom Dawit Zerom
Assistant Professor
Ph.D. (2002, Universiteit van Amsterdam)
Interests: nonparametric and semiparametric statistics, time series forecasting and applied econometrics.
no photo available Annie Niu
Ph.D. Student
Maxine Cunningham Maxine Cunningham
Research Analyst
Bachelor of Commerce (University of Alberta)