Centre for Excellence in Operations


The Centre works together with the student-run Operations Management Club in hosting operations oriented events at the University throughout the year.

SCOPE - The Student Conference on Operations draws student teams from universities across North America to present their Operations Management projects in a competitive environment. The forum allows students to showcase real-world applications of operations research to fellow students and the business community.

Industry Mixer - This event brings students and industry members together to socialize during a light, informal lunch. It allows the industry reps to see presentations on the types of projects the students and the Centre have worked on in the past and provides them with information on how to get involved in the future.

OM Alumni BBQ - The Alumni BBQ brings U of A OM alumni, industry and academics together to socialize during a business casual dinner event. This event helps connect alumni and industry to the School of Business and student groups like the OM Club.

EMSP Conference  - The EMS Planning Conference is aimed at EMS managers and analysts. The purpose of the conference is to share knowledge about effective planning and management of EMS systems.  The first day of the conference will provide training for EMS analysts.  The second day will feature presentations by EMS researchers, as well as opportunities to influence the direction of future research.

Previously Held Events

High School Competition - This competition drew students from across the province to compete in analytical problem solving. The competition showcased Alberta School of Business courses that improve analytical thinking, problem solving, and computer modeling skills. Finalists were awarded a $500 scholarship to the Alberta School of Business and the three winners received desktop computers.