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One of the cornerstones of the CEO is student development. The Centre works with the Business School to coordinate student projects in a senior level management consulting course (MGTSC 468: Quantitative Management Consulting Project).

Each year, the top students in the Operations Management stream enroll in this course and bid on a number of projects submitted by local businesses. The companies then choose the best proposal from among the bids. In consultation with the CEO and business professors, the students complete the project and present the results to the business.

The goal is to give students a hands-on experience with all phases of a consulting project and to offer participating companies competent help with a business problem at a very low cost.  Students will propose a structured analysis, a decision support tool, a spreadsheet based code, and/or other deliverables dictated by the client firm in their terms of reference with the students.

This very successful program has resulted in savings of hundreds of thousands of dollars for local businesses and has exposed scores of students to real-world consulting. Many projects were presented and well received at the Canadian Student Conference on Operations and some won best student paper prizes at national conferences.

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