Centre for Excellence in Operations (CEO)

Resource Allocation & Line Layout for Production

Detailed report
Final presentation

During the first quarter of 2009, we worked with Company XXX's Edmonton manufacturing facility to develop recommendations for resource allocation and line layout for production of a specific window line. This window line is currently being produced on a small scale in the company's Mississauga, Ontario manufacturing facility. Because it will be producing a significantly larger volume in Edmonton, our analysis is focused on providing recommendations that will assist Company XXX in a smooth transition into production. Lean manufacturing principles are the basis of Company XXX's operations.

Our analysis of the Edmonton facility focused on three areas:

1. Labour and Machine Requirements

2. Task Assignment and Line Balancing

3. Manufacturing Line Layout

By applying Lean manufacturing principles, we were able to create a VBA based Operational Planning tool in Excel that provides an output detailing the minimum number of employees and machines that the manufacturing line should employ. In order to provide a more detailed analysis, we created an Employee Assignment tool that evaluates task assignments based on the overall line balance. Finally, based on a particular scenario that our client provided us with, we created a recommendation for the physical layout of the manufacturing line.

Overall, we were able to use raw process times and a set of variable inputs to analyze potential resource allocations, employee task assignments, and physical layouts and evaluate them based on Lean manufacturing principles.