School of Retailing



The School of Retailing 

is a centre within the Alberta School of Business at the University of Alberta. The centre is entirely funded by the retail industry through partnership, donations and events. The School of Retailing was established in 2006 to provide global leadership and education and is one of only two Universities in Canada to offer a Bachelor of Commerce with a major in Retailing & Services.  Building on the strength of the programs offered by the Alberta School of Business, we have developed a curriculum that balances a strong foundation in the fundamentals of commerce with retail-specific training and an integrated program of real-word experience through a variety of industry partnerships. The School of Retailing has a strong leadership team with a plan to grow the centre, engage more retail industry and most importantly continuously promote retail as a preferred career path.

Partnership Opportunities

The School of Retailing has a unique structure which was created to foster industry relationships and ensure that our programming, events and outreach are engaging to our partners. We currently operate with 18 retail partners. Although our partnership does come with a cost, it is a highly beneficial relationship no matter what your needs are. Some partnerships focus on recruitment and some on research or consulting. Each relationship varies and we have built a School of Retailing that can work with you. 

We look to build partnerships with consulting firms, consumer packaged goods firms, asset management companies, retailers and real estate firms. 

We encourage you to start the conversation so we can see if partnership is the right fit for your organization. E-mail Us.

Newest Partners 

We are very excited to announce that 20 Vic Management has joined us a partner as well as Victoria's Secret and Oxford Properties. We look forward to each relationship and the variety of attention they will need. 

Donation Opportunities

We are currently looking to grow our student travel fund so any amount helps. Right now we are only able to send two to five students a year away to conferences, etc. We would like to run an annual $20,000 student travel fund for Retail's Big Show, STORE Conference, Retail West, ICSC Events and more. We look forward to discussing this opportunity with you!