Entrepreneurship@UAlberta is a Technology Commercialization Centre initiative aimed at providing education, support and extensive mentorship for the University of Alberta students to become successful entrepreneurs. The initiative aims to build a sustainable ecosystem and a nurturing environment of entrepreneurship across the University of Alberta.

The Entrepreneurship@UAlberta initiative have three main approaches :

Curricular Approach

  • Cutting edge undergraduate major in entrepreneurship
  • MBA program specialization in entrepreneurship & innovation
  • Entrepreneurship & Innovation Graduate Certificate
  • Curricular opportunities that engage students across campus

On Campus Engagement

  • Inter-disciplinary partnerships, cross-departmental capstone projects and facilitated entrepreneurial student engagement across different faculties.
  • Student run eCLUB (Entrepreneurship Club) based at eHUB, with student ambassadors in every faculty, aimed towards nurturing entrepreneurship by inviting entrepreneurial leaders and mentors, relevant to the faculty of interest, to host on campus seminars and mentorship sessions.
  • University Digital Services serve as a strong partner in promoting entrepreneurship @UAlberta across all digital platforms.

Off Campus Partnerships

  • We have established strong partnerships and evolving relationships with Startup Edmonton, Alberta Women Entrepreneurs, Capital Ideas, Venture Mentorship Services, Alberta Indian Investment Corporation and Microsoft Ventures.
  • Our partnership mission is to link, align and co-ordinate all efforts dedicated to building a supportive and entrepreneurially conducive environment for our students.