Technology Commercialization Centre (TCC)

Towards Practice-Driven Institutionalism


A Workshop on the Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Theory and Research
Hosted by the University of Alberta School of Business
December 10, 2018

Featured Scholars

Roger Friedland
Department of Sociology, University of Santa Barbara

Theodore Schatzki
Department of Philosophy, University of Kentucky

Invited Participants (in alphabetical order)

  • Diane-Laure Arjalies Ivey Business School (University of Western Ontario)
  • Charlotte Cloutier HEC Montreal 
  • Santi Furnari Cass Business School, City University of London 
  • Joel Gehman Alberta School of Business, University of Alberta 
  • Ian Gellantly Alberta School of Business, University of Alberta   
  • Vern Glaser Alberta School of Business, University of Alberta   
  • Royston Greenwood Alberta School of Business, University of Alberta       
  • Tim Hannigan Alberta School of Business, University of Alberta               
  • Karen Hughes Department of Sociology and Alberta School of Business, University of Alberta 
  • Dev Jennings Alberta School of Business, University of Alberta     
  • Micheal Lounsbury Alberta School of Business, University of Alberta
  • John Mohr University of Santa Barbara 
  • Paolo Quattrone University of Edinburgh Business School
  • Trish Reay Alberta School of Business, University of Alberta
  • Michael Smets Oxford University       
  • Jean- François Soublière Alberta School of Business, University of Alberta
  • Chris Steele Alberta School of Business, University of Alberta 
  • Milo Wang Alberta School of Business, University of Alberta

Background: In August 2018 at AOM in Chicago, Michael Smets organized a PDW on a Practice-Driven Institutionalism. Many of us were excited participants. Friedland and Schatzki were keynote presenters, but Roger could not physically be there so he sent in a video. Ted and Roger gave complementary talks, and provided a generative set of ideas as to how a practice-driven institutionalism might be realized. However, being that it was just an initial and truncated conversation, we thought useful to begin to find a way to enable this to incubate and develop more. Smets and Lounsbury plan to develop a volume on the topic in Research in the Sociology of Organizations, and this workshop will seed its development including papers by both Schatzi and Friedland.

Workshop Overview: Concretely, this workshop is designed around creating a fertile space for Schatzki and Friedland to meet and engage with each other and a small group of interested scholars. Schatzki and Freidland will both provide papers that they will discuss. These will be distributed by late November.

For participants, it is necessary to be conversant and engaged in issues and ideas related to practice and institutional logics. There is a list of additional readings at the end that is not at all comprehensive, but suggestive. More can be added. But the following additional readings are strongly suggested as background and to prepare for the workshop:

  • Friedland, R. 2009. Institution, practice, and ontology: Toward a religious sociology. Research in the Sociology of Organizations, Institutions and ideology, 45-83
  • Friedland, R.  2013. God, love, and other good reasons for practice: Thinking through institutional logics. Research in the Sociology of Organizations. Institutional Logics in Action, Part A, 25-50
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  • Schatzki, Theodore R.  The Site of the Social: A Philosophical Account of the Constitution of Social Life and Change Penn State University Press, 2003)
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  • Schatzki, T. R. 2006. On organizations as they happen. Organization Studies, 27(12): 1863-1873.
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Session 1- Logics and Practice

Session 2- Logics and Practice Discussion

Session 3 - (Ontological) Paths to a Practice-Driven Institutionalism

Session 4- How to Further Advance This Agenda