Marketing, Business Economics, and Law

Marketing Seminars

Marketing Seminar Series 2016-2017

Department of Marketing, Business Economics and Law
Friday 3:00PM (except where noted*), Business Building

Fall - Winter, 2016- 2017

Date Room   Speakers Topic of Paper


Oct. 03 BUS 4-16 Bruno Jacobs
Erasmus University
"Model-based Analysis of Purchase Behavior in Large Assortments"
 Oct. 04  BUS 4-16 Weining Bao
Wuhan University
 "Could Good Intentions Backfire? An Empirical Analysis of the Bank Deposit Insurance"
Oct. 07

BUS 4-16 Kristopher Keller
Tilburg University
Oct. 12

BUS 4-16 Mohammad Zia
University of Texas
"Search Advertising: Budget Allocation Across Search Engines"
Oct. 14

BUS 4-16 Jihwan Moon
University of Florida
"Bundling Add-ons to Signal Product Types"
Oct. 18

BUS 4-16 Liangbin Yang
Wharton School
University of Pennsylvania
"Inferring Individual Preferences and Intragroup Dynamics With Aggregate and De-identified Data: An Application to targeted TV Adverstising
Oct. 21
BUS 4-16

Daniel Ringel
University of Frankfurt





 Feb.03 BUS 2-05

Ms. Leslie K. John
Harvard Business School

 "The Privacy Paradox: Privacy and Disclosure in the Digital Age"
 Feb 10 BUS 4-16

Mr. Jun Bum Kwon
Rotman School of Management
University of Toronto

 "Can An Advertising Message Impact The Content Of Mass Media? An Examination Of The Dove Campaign For Real Beauty"
 Mar 03 BUS 2-05 Kurt Carlson
Georgetown Inst. for Consumer Resrch. 
"Satisfaction Response Bias: How Consumer Obligation, Desire to Vent and Ability to Exit Result in Hockey Stick-Shaped Positive Response Bias"      TO BE RESCHEDULED
 Mar24  BUS 2-05

Yanping Tu
Warrington College of Bus.
of Florida

 "The Social Path to Satiation"
 April 28  BUS 2-05

Mathew Isaac



June 1-2, 2017  
Invited Guests:  

 Avi Goldfarb (U of Toronto)

Tom Meyvis (NYU)

Jane Risen (U of Chicago)

Andrea Morales (Arizona State University)





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