Dual Degree Program Requirements

MBA Dual Degree students are expected to have completed 60 ECTS from their program at their home institution prior to commencement of the dual degree at the University of Alberta. Participants are expected to arrive at the University of Alberta in mid-August to participate in orientation and will need to fulfill the following course requirements in the University of Alberta MBA Program:

  1. BUS 501: Business Skills Orientation (0 credits) - begins prior to semester start;

  2. SMO 641: Business Strategy (3 credits);

  3. SMO 652: Leadership Skills (3 credits);

  4. BUS 505: Ethics & Corporate Social Responsibility with Communications (3 credits);

  5. MGTSC 501: Data Analysis and Decision Making (3 credits) - for dual degree participants from EDHEC Business School only;

  6. Minimum of 27 credits (30 credits for WHU students) in MBA elective courses. Participants from EDHEC Business School and the WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management were in the past required to complete a specialization by their home institution. Specializations are no longer offered by the MBA program, but students may choose to follow one of the "Career Tracks" to tailor their programs to fit their interests and career goals, provided they have the appropriate background. However, Career Tracks do not show up on a degree/transcript, unlike specializations. Currently the following Career Tracks are offered:

Energy Finance
Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Operations & Business Analytics
Public Sector & Healthcare
Strategy & Consulting

Total number of credits required: 39 UofA credits
Maximum program length: 12 months

All applicants to the University of Alberta MBA Program are expected to meet the relevant minimum grade requirement of 75% or B (13/20 from French Institutions or 2.5 out of 6 on the reversed scale from German institutions), or equivalent. For double degree applicants, the minimum TOEFL score of 100 (iBT), or equivalent, and the minimum GMAT score of 550 are required for admission.

Please note that due to the strict requirements of the Dual Degree MBA, it is not possible for a participant to finish the program within two terms. We advise incoming Dual Degree students to therefore expect to be at the University of Alberta through our Spring academic term, which is approximately until the end of June the following year after admission.

NOTE: an MBA degree will not be granted by the University of Alberta until:

  1. the student has met the minimum academic program course requirements outlined above and/or in the appendices of the dual degree exchange agreement, and

  2. the University of Alberta receives a certified copy of the Master's degree parchment or a letter from the home university attesting that a MBA/MSc degree has been awarded to the student by his/her home university.