Application Process

Due to the ongoing uncertainty and risks associated with the global COVID-19 pandemic, the Alberta School of Business has suspended all exchange programs for the 2020/2021 academic year. We will begin to accept nominations for exchange during the 2021/2022 academic year on November 1, 2020 with the hope that conditions will improve and international travel and safety issues will not limit future programs. Please be aware, however, that all future exchanges to the University of Alberta will be subject to any restrictions or quarantine policies implemented by the University of Alberta or the Government of Canada moving forward.


Students interested in studying at the Alberta School of Business on a visiting exchange should first contact the International Program Coordinator at their home university to obtain further information and begin the internal application process as determined by your institution. We will only accept students from partner institutions with which we have a formal exchange agreement in place. Please see a list of our current partners.


Undergraduate candidates are expected to have a core understanding of the basic business/econ principles through completion of foundational business courses prior to exchange. All students applying to the Alberta School of Business are required to successfully complete the following courses prior to entering the business program:
• Introduction to Applied Statistics (STAT 151)
• Calculus for Business and Economics I (MATH 154)
• Introduction to Microeconomics (ECON 101)
• Introduction to Macroeconomics (ECON 102)
Incoming exchange students will be required to fulfill the same standards, including equivalents of the above, prior to study at the Alberta School of Business. Students will not be able to follow many of the regular business courses if they do not have this academic background already.

English Language Proficiency
All candidates must meet the language proficiency requirements and provide proof of such as specified by the exchange agreement. Please refer to the full details for the Alberta School of Business Proof of English language proficiency standards and ways to satisfy the requirement.

Academic Standards
All candidates are expected to have an above-average academic performance record at their home institution. MBA level exchange applicants must meet the minimum graduate academic standards set by our central graduate admissions office.

After selecting students according to the agreed upon numbers between our institutions, partner universities should formally nominate their students to the Alberta School of Business by sending the full name, email address, term(s) of exchange and academic level of their nominees by email to the Alberta School of Business Exchange Coordinator.

University of Alberta Application

Students selected and formally nominated by their home institutions must complete and submit the following application documents to the Alberta School of Business before the appropriate deadline:


  • Please note that all application forms and documents must be completed in full before submission. Incomplete applications will not be considered.
  • Completed application packages must be received prior to application deadlines: APRIL 1 for September admission and SEPTEMBER 15 for January admission. Although there are two deadlines, we highly recommend all incoming applications to be received by APRIL 1. Please note that application deadlines are under review and subject to change.
  • Early submission is strongly recommended. Processing of the application documents takes approximately 4-8 weeks.
  • In order to ensure materials are received early, electronic PDF versions of all items may be scanned and emailed in advance of the original application packages. However, when original documents are required, the application cannot be considered complete until the original hardcopies are received.
  • Nomination from the home institution does NOT guarantee admission, entrance to campus accommodation or registration in courses requested by students.
  • Please do not make any travel arrangements until you have received an official Letter of Admission from the University of Alberta and a student visa to enter Canada.

Mandatory Fees
According to our bilateral partnership agreements, incoming exchange students are waived all regular tuition and instructional fees at the University of Alberta and instead pay tuition at their home institution. However, there are two mandatory fees which cannot be waived. All incoming students must participate in the University of Alberta Health Insurance Plan (UAHIP) and pay all UAHIP fees to the UofA unless proof of enrolment in the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan can be shown. Exchange and Double Degree students must also participate in the University of Alberta Transit Pass program (UPASS) and will be responsible for associated fees for this service as well. More information and specific costs of both of these programs can be found on the Estimated Expenses page of our website.

Housing Application
For on-campus housing, students will apply directly to University of Alberta Residence Services. In order to submit an application, students will need their UofA ID number, CCID (Campus Computing ID) and password. The CCID and password are automatically created when the student is issued an ID number. Incoming students will be notified of this by e-mail when their applications are approved by the Admissions Office. Please see the Housing & Services page for more information.

Course Registration
Course registration for undergraduate applicants is completed independently online using the University of Alberta registration website (Bear Tracks). Again, the ID, CCID and password are required. MBA applicants with submit course preferences with their application packages. For further details, please see the Academic Information section.