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International Photo Contest 2018/2019

We are pleased to announce the winner of the fifth annual International Photo Contest at the Alberta School of Business.


Rohan's entry "Little Sherpa Kid" was chosen from among the 10 finalists by a selection panel of faculty, staff and student representatives of the School of Business and the online vote. As the grand prize winner, Rohan will receive a $300 prize and have his photo displayed in the Alberta School of Business. His entry and accompanying abstract conveyed the benefits of travelling found in connecting with others and gaining perspective through personal cultural encounters.



All the entries selected as finalists were outstanding in their own right and represented a wide variety of perspectives and experiences. Some showcased personal adventures in breathtaking settings, others depicted a sense of venturing out into the unknown, and still others portrayed the character and culture of local people in a meaningful way. For this reason, they are all very difficult to compare to one another. All these entries were worthy in their own way and deserve recognition and appreciation.

Thank you to everyone for making the 2018/2019 Alberta School of Business International Photo Contest a great success!

2018/2019 Finalists

A Piece of Home

A Piece of Home (Runner-up)
Renee Anielski, BCom 2019
Interlaken, Switzerland

Sometimes a lot of traveling can take a toll, and makes you miss home. Some of the moments I’m most grateful for are those that make me feel like I’m back home even just for a second. Interlaken Switzerland was a little haven in the mountains and it reminded me so much of being surrounded by the Rocky Mountains in Banff or Jasper. Every morning you would wake up and look out the window surrounded by scenery that can’t be beat.

The Edge of the Earth

The Edge of the Earth
Jason Mills, MBA 2022
Snæfellsnes Peninsula, Iceland

Iceland was such a unique and incredible experience. The island of Iceland is so remote; it is vast and beautiful, open and wild. There are very few people that live in Iceland (especially outside of Reykjavik), and so it felt like you were discovering this whole new world. I was exploring around the Snæfellsnes Peninsula, and came across this view. It truly felt like you were standing at the edge of the earth. It was a moment of such peace, and one that held - and continues to hold - my heart with gratitude.

The Red Lanterns

The Red Lanterns
Melanie M. Liu, BCom 2019
Jiufen, Taiwan

This summer, I made an impulse decision to go to Taiwan. I had always dreamed of going to Jiufen - a picturesque town that was the inspiration for one of my favourite movies, 'Spirited Away'. I resonate with the main character because much like in the movie, I am a young lady who is trying to navigate the world and figure things out as I go. The more I travel and experience different cultures, languages, and customs, the more I realize how beautifully connected we all are. You can come from a completely foreign country, speak a different language, and yet - still feel in awe when you see something that speaks to you. This picture, to me, represents that.

Little Sherpa Kid

Little Sherpa Kid (Grand Prize Winner)
Rohan Ahmed, MBA 2020
Tengboche, Nepal

I have been to Nepal several times. This time I was on my way to Everest Base Camp. On the path leading away from the town of Namche Bazar, deeper into the mountains towards Everest, is Tengboche, which has the largest Monastery in the entire Khumbu region. The kid in the photograph was carrying her younger brother on her back and looking at me. The two-story stone house in the back is over 100 years old, with dark wooden window-frames and the obligatory prayer flags. People who come for the spectacular mountain views usually pass through all these places and villages on the way to Everest Base Camp, and don’t expect to encounter such ‘locals, lifestyles and cultural’ attractions. But these villages and their people are a real gem, and worth a short visit during the trek.


Reflection (Runner-up)
Ashlee Matkin, MBA 2019
Hordaland, Norway

When we dedicate ourselves to career-building education, it is easy to forget to look around and appreciate the beauty that surrounds us. Travelling and hiking to remote locations across the globe allows me to recharge while experiencing the vastness of this planet, engrossing myself in a variety of cultures, and committing myself to a different, more physical kind of challenge. Moments such as this one, in Hordaland, Norway, are humbling and allow me to reflect on challenges overcome, lessons learned, and how the people I have met along the way have influenced me.

Whitehaven Beach

Whitehaven Beach
Jordan Ladd, BCom 2018
Whitehaven Beach, Queensland Australia

This past year I had the opportunity to go on exchange in Australia. The beach, Whitehaven Beach, is comprised of 98% silica sand. This along with the tide creates the beautiful patterns in the ocean. Being on exchange in Australia gave me the opportunity to constantly immerse myself in nature. Relaxing and taking in beautiful scenery such as the one above allowed me to really connect with the earth giving me a different perspective on life. Upon my return home I hope to bring more nature into my everyday life.

Adrift in the Idyllic

Adrift in the Idyllic
Bria Wong, BCom 2020
Hallstatt, Austria

Travel brings about moments. You find yourself looking out across an ocean or down a bustling market and want to hold onto every tiny detail, to hold onto that feeling. You're struck by the sheer awe that your life has taken shape where you find yourself in places and experiences you've only ever dreamed of. These moments are made up of a culmination of the beautifully mundane and it makes me think if maybe there's more to the mundane. Maybe the day-to-day back home is full of moments and I've just never paid attention before. The mundane has beauty too.

Books on Books

Books On Books
Jason Mills, MBA 2022
Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland

2018 was a year in which I was able to connect to my Irish roots in a new and meaningful way. In addition to receiving my Irish citizenship, I was able to visit Ireland for the first time. It was an incredible experience to visit Dublin, as well as the Irish countryside, and imagine my grandma and my great-grandparents also walking these same streets and seeing these same sights. The Long Room at Trinity College was breathtaking. The history and knowledge created such a memorable moment in a trip that full of them.

Skyline of Nanjing

Skyline of Nanjing
Kun Qian, BCom 2020
Nanjing, China

Nanjing is the capital city of Jiangsu Province, and it has been growing at a fast pace over the last 20 years. As a witness of the 20-year growth, I've seen almost everything around me change, in a good way. However, climbing Zijin Mountain and enjoying the sunset view there is still one of my favourite things to do on the weekends.

Name Unknown

Name Unknown
Rohan Ahmed, MBA 2020
Cox's Bazar District, Bangladesh

The Rohingya is one of the minor Muslim ethnic groups who has been living in Myanmar for centuries. However, due to the racism and many other sociopolitical issues accelerated from the majority in Myanmar, they became a victim to a categorization of themselves as Bengali descendants. During the ethnic cleansing in Myanmar in 2017, over one million of Rohingyas came to Bangladesh and started living in several camps at Cox's Bazar District, Bangladesh. This was one of the unfortunate kids who was wondering why her own countrymen were killing them and forcing them to leave their land.