The International Exchange Office keeps student appointment hours daily 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm. Please feel free to schedule a meeting with the exchange coordinator during one of the available appointment slots in the exchange calendar using the "BOOK AN APPOINTMENT" button below. If the regular appointment hours consistently do not work for you, please contact the coordinator directly to request an alternate time.

When booking an appointment through the below link, you may change the Title from "Exchange Appointment" to something more descriptive of the general purpose for the meeting (e.g. Basic Information, Destination Options, Application Interview, etc.). Appointment slots are available in 30 minute time-blocks, although application interviews can often take longer.

Provide in the description or notes all relevant information about yourself and what you wish to discuss during the appointment, including your academic level (BCom or MBA), year of study and the destination(s) in which you are interested. Any other questions or comments you provide in advance can ensure a more productive meeting in person.

Students on Co-op or working during regular office hours are also welcome to schedule a phone call using the appointment calendar. Please just ensure you note this and provide a number where you can be reached in the appointment details.