In order to provide students with further information on the various exchange destinations, we have accumulated a number of different resources to help you.

Student Reports

All exchange participants are required to submit a written summary of their experiences on exchange upon returning from the host institution. These student reports are an excellent resource outlining various aspects of each exchange program. Often, these reports include information on items such as accommodation, budget, transportation, courses, travel, culture, etc. and can offer valuable insight and perspective for prospective exchange participants trying to decide on a destination and/or for nominees doing further research as part of the preparation process.

Some reports will be older than others (and therefore, certain details might be slightly dated), and some are simply better & more comprehensive than others, but where available, it is a good idea to read multiple reports from the same program in order to get various perspectives and the best possible overall picture for a destination. It is also useful to read reports from several different destinations, just to compare and contrast and see what stands out to you about a particular place.

Some destinations will have more reports available than others. Several of our newer exchanges might not have any reports currently available. We will strive to add new items as they are received, but don't let the availability or lack of feedback be the primary factor in determining your destination. It is important to research the details of each exchange in order to compare aspects such as course offerings, housing options, semester dates, costs, extracurricular activities, etc. Often, these are all things that really influence a candidate's decision on where to apply. Think about your priorities and what you really want to get out of the exchange and see which destination seems like the best fit. The host institution websites (linked from the Destination pages) are a good source for most of this information, although some might be a little difficult to navigate.

To view the reports, you will need log in with your UofA Student ID to access the Google Drive. Reports are organized first by academic level (BCom or MBA), then by exchange type (semester/year or summer program) and finally by destination. If there are no reports available for your desired exchange, you are encouraged to look at the other areas as well. For example, if you are a BCom interested in the University of Torino, you may look at the MBA report to that destination in the absence of an undergrad one. While keeping in mind the academic experience might not be very similar to what you can expect, the report should still be able to provide useful details on the institution itself, city, culture, way of life and what it's like to be a student at this destination. ACCESS STUDENT EXCHANGE REPORTS HERE.

Archived Blogs

In addition to these reports, we have had in the past a number of students write blogs about their experiences abroad. These are useful snapshots of what life is like on exchange and provides a detailed overview of the student exchange experience. There are also many students still studying at the Alberta School of Business who have recently returned from an exchange program. If you would like to be put in touch with any of them to learn more about their experiences and impressions first-hand, please contact the exchange coordinator for contacts.


There is a number of different scholarships available for students participating on academic exchanges from the Alberta School of Business, University of Alberta International, and various other institutions. We have outlined a number of scholarships, award, bursaries and other potential funding resources for you to consider on the Funding page.