While Abroad and Upon Return

While Abroad on Exchange

Please maintain contact with the Exchange Coordinator and your Program Office. You might be using a different email during your exchange but please ensure you continue to check your UAlberta account regularly for any important information, updates or requests from the Alberta School of Business while you are away.

If you have to make course changes after your arrival at the host institution, you should contact the Exchange Office and your Academic Advisor immediately to obtain the necessary credit reassessment. Course syllabi, reading material, and contact hours should be part of the information you have organized for this. Please be aware that it may be beneficial you to keep all course syllabi and academic records in your files for up to two years after the exchange.

Upon Completion of Exchange

Please ensure that you request an official transcript of your course work on exchange so that approved transfer credit can be granted. Credit for courses taken while on exchange, even if pre-approved, will not be finalized until an original transcript is received from the host institution. It is your responsibility to request that an official copy be sent directly to the ASB International Exchange Office. You might also want to request an extra copy for your own records, but make sure that an original is sent to us. Failure to do this could result in delays in receiving credit from your exchange.

Many institutions will issue electronic transcripts only. If this is the case, please just ensure that they send a copy to directly to the Exchange Coordinator at mic.mccollum@ualberta.ca or business.international@ualberta.ca (and for MBA students also to FGSR at gradpgm3@ualberta.ca). The RO/FGSR will only accept electronic transcripts if they are received directly from the partner institution and do not go through the participating student. If they send the transcript to you or simply make it available for download on your online account, the U of A will reject it.

Otherwise, if hardcopy transcripts are sent via postal mail, they can be directed to:

International Programs Office
3-21B Alberta School of Business
University of Alberta
Edmonton, AB, Canada T6G 2R6

We may ask for your help in advising other Business students interested in an exchange at the institution you are attending, and hope you will agree to respond to inquiries from them. Upon return from your exchange, you will have opportunity to participate in various ways to promote the Alberta School of Business exchange programs and assist in events for both incoming and outgoing exchange students. We hope that you will consider becoming involved.

Upon completion of your exchange program, you are required to submit a written report summarizing your experiences while abroad. This will allow us to benefit from your experience at the host institution. It will help us not only in ensuring a positive and healthy relationship with our partners, but also in providing sound advice and pertinent information to other students interested in participating on the same exchange. Among things to include are your academic and personal experiences, things you wish you had known prior to going, and an approximate budget. Please see the detailed report guidelines for more information.

Please take a short online Returning Business Exchange Survey to provide more feedback about your exchange destination and general impressions.