Report Guidelines

Upon completion of an exchange, you are asked to help in reviewing and evaluating the program you just participated on. Please provide a written report summarizing your experiences on the exchange program.

These reports help us to identify what's right with a program, what issues need addressing and the overall success or failure of our exchange agreements. We want our exchange programs to be as worthwhile and beneficial to participating students as possible and your impressions, thoughts and concerns can help us better understand and adjust our arrangement with partner institutions to ensure that it is so. Information you provide also helps us to better advise and prepare future students for participation on our programs. Helping us know why (or why not) students should participate on a certain exchange, what to look out for, how to prepare, what you learned, tips and other recommendations assist future applicants immensely when considering an exchange.

Please keep in mind that your report might be used for a number of purposes. Not only will it be reviewed internally and given to other students considering an exchange, but could also be shared with university administration, scholarship donors, partner institutions and other stakeholders in the exchange program. It should therefore be addressed to all audiences and I would recommend being careful about including too much personal information in your report.

Participants should submit their reports electronically via email. The length of the report is entirely up to you-it is important that you provide some useful, relevant information, which should take at least one or two pages, but please feel free to share as much of your thoughts, feelings, impressions and advice as you like. Below are a few guidelines for things to include in your final report.

  • positive experiences you may have had/what you enjoyed about the exchange
  • your assessment of the institution's academic level, requirements and structure
  • negative experiences/things you wish you had known prior to going
  • approximate budget and summary of costs of living (rent, transportation, food, travel, etc)
  • general information on preparations, arrival, housing, registration, extra-curricular/social activities, health & safety, language & culture
  • other information you think the School of Business/future students/others would benefit in learning about this program
  • feel free to include or attach some photos to your report as well

Your cooperation and assistance is greatly appreciated! Please email your completed report to the Student Exchange Coordinator at or to

Please also complete the short online Returning Business Exchange Survey to provide more feedback about your exchange destination and general impressions. This short survey is meant to supplement your written report, not replace it.