As a regular University of Alberta Winter term course, standard University of Alberta tuition and fees will apply to BUEC 444. Tuition must be paid directly to the university in the same manner and according to the same payment deadlines as all normal tuition payments are made for Winter term at the UofA. The additional cost of participation on the International Study Tour to Japan is outlined below.

The participation cost of the 2020 Japan Study Tour will be: $2,500** per student

The original cost per participant to run this program is approximately $6,000**. However, thanks to the generous support from the Yuichi Kurimoto Memorial Fund in the amount of $3,500/student, the final out-of-pocket cost to participants for the Study Tour arrangements has been reduced to $2,500. Please see below for a breakdown of everything covered by the participation costs of the Japan Study Tour.


**Every student participating on the Japan Study Tour will receive the Yuichi Kurimoto Memorial Award, which will be transferred directly to your student account. Participants will be responsible for submitting the entire original cost of the Study Tour ($6,000) to the course coordinators.


The course portion (BUEC 444) is scheduled in the Winter term and standard University of Alberta tuition and fees for a 3 credit course apply in addition to the above cost.


The cost of the Study Tour to Japan will include:

  • Round-trip International Airfare
    Edmonton to Japan & returning to Edmonton - individual participants will be responsible for any difference in fares due to changes to return flight(s)

  • All internal Transportation
    includes high-speed train transfers Tokyo to Nagoya, Nagoya to Kyoto and between Kyoto & Osaka; also includes all intra-city transportation to all program activities using local train & subway lines and/or chartered buses

  • Accommodations
    arranged at local hotels; dorm-style; shared

  • Travel Insurance
    International health coverage will be purchased on behalf of all students for the duration of the Study Tour as part of the course arrangements. Individual participants may wish to secure additional coverage or need to extend coverage for any travel done after conclusion of the Study Tour.

  • Meals
    all group meals arranged by the Study Tour coordinators including those at restaurants and host partners; students will have some opportunities to buy individual meals on their own

  • Host Lectures
    from professors at partner institutions, private business professionals and/or company executives

  • Company Visits
    at a variety of domestic & international companies across multiple industries in Tokyo, Nagoya, Kyoto and/or Osaka

  • Cultural Excursions
    all organized excursions to cultural and historic sites such as temples, shrines, gardens or heritage sites

  • Site Admissions
    entrance fees for above, plus any museums, exhibitions or other formal group outings

  • Other Formal Planned Group Activities while in Japan
    any pre-arranged activity we take part in as a group within the context of the Study Tour is also covered


The cost of the Study Tour to Japan will NOT include:

  • UofA Winter term tuition and fees for a *3 credit course
  • individual travel after the conclusion of the study tour or as a result of deviation from the default return schedule/route
  • any personal preparations required for a student to participate (apart from travel health insurance). This includes obtaining or renewing passports and any associated fees.
  • students travelling on a Canadian passport will not require a visa to enter or stay in Japan for the duration of the Study Tour. However, international students from certain countries might require a visa and will be responsible for the application at the Consulate General of Japan in Calgary on their own.
  • gifts, souvenirs or other personal purchases in Japan
  • individual meals when participants are allowed to explore on their own
  • optional activities you may choose to participate in as an individual or group during free time and/or with local students during intercultural exchange activities
  • any other personal expense not explicitly covered above or which falls outside the realm of the standard provisions of the Study Tour arrangements

Study Tour Payment Schedule:

All payments must be submitted prior to 12:00PM on due date, unless otherwise stated. Payment can be made via cash, cheque (made out to the University of Alberta), or credit card to Room 3-21B Business Building (International Programs Office). Payment by credit card may be made by calling in your information to 780-492-4895.


Payment Due Date Amount
Deposit Upon Registration; By November 20, 2020 $500
2nd Installment February 8, 2020 $2,750
Yuichi Kurimoto Memorial Award Feb 14 (deposited directly into student accounts and then issued as a refund) -$3,500
3rd Installment March 14, 2020 $2,750
Total cost/participant *$2,500
*after funding provided by the Yuichi Kurimoto Memorial Award is applied