Administrative Services

Purpose - Ensuring that you can get the job done is our mission.  On this page you will find a variety of administrative services to help you accomplish your task.  If you cannot find the tool or information you are looking for please consult the Knowledge Base.  If you cannot find the answer in the Knowledge Base please enter an incident into our help desk and we will assist you.

Help Tools
  • Help Desk
    Do you need help with a problem?  Submit a request for assistance via the help desk.

Calendar Tools
  • Events Tool
    Add, modify, delete and approve events on the Alberta School's web sites.
  • Events RSS 
    Subscribe to or distribute event RSS feeds.

Communication Tools
  • Web Mail (Personal)
    Use the Web Mail Personal link to access your personal email, calendar, contacts and tasks.
  • Conferences
    Hosting a conference? You may request a web site for the conference by adding a help desk incident. Click here to see conferences that have been held by people affiliated with the Alberta School.

  • Survey Tool
    Do you need a quick and easy way to conduct a survey and gather feedback online?
  • Listservs
    Join or create a listserv related to the Alberta School of Business.

Document Tools
  • Visual Identity
    Guidelines and resources for employees creating publications for the web or print.
  • Course Catalogue
    Use this application to search through the entire collection of Alberta School of Business Syllabi - past and present.