Teaching Services

Purpose - The Alberta School of Business, the University of Alberta and several external organizations provide a wide range of services to assist instructors. This Teaching Services page serves to help instructors become aware and knowledgeable of a variety of available services.

  • Help Desk
    If you are unable to find the answers to your questions in the Knowledge Base submit an incident to the help desk and someone will respond to you as soon as possible, generally within 24 hours.
  • Online Course Management System (LMS)
    The Alberta School of Business maintains an online course management system known as "uLearn" which is used for all Alberta School of Business courses. uLearn runs using Blackboard which is currently the most popular LMS worldwide. Blackboard offers a variety of online tools that enhance the learning experience for students including announcements, course calendar, discussion boards, online assignment submission, exams, communication and much more... Click here to log onto the uLearn system and access your online courses.    
  • Publishers
    Selecting the right text book for your course can be a daunting task. Not to worry, help is available. There are two primary publishers used by the University including Pearson Education Canada and McGraw-Hill Ryerson. Use these links to search the respective online catalogues. If you would like a personal consultation with a publishing representative the information of our current contacts is provided below. 

    McGraw-Hill Ryerson
    Michelle Ritchie
    Publisher Representative, Business & Economics, Science, Engineering, Math and Computing Science
    1.800.504.7764 (fax)

    Pearson Education Canada
    Rachelle Kay
    Sales & Editorial Rep, Business & Economics Higher Education

    Several text books are providing supplemental packages that can be uploaded directly into the uLearn/Blackboard course management system. These packages typically include prepared PowerPoint slides, glossaries, web links, online quizzes and several other items. Most of your course preparation may already be completed for you.  Be sure to check with the associated representatives.

    Pearson Virtual Book Fair
    Pearson has created a virtual book fair tailored to the courses offered by the Alberta School of Business. The Virtual Book fair contains a listing of all the titles recommended by Pearson for our courses.Simply select your course from the drop down menu to see the latest recommended titles. If you would like a complimentary copy of a title sent to you click on the Add to Exam Copy Bookbag link as shown below and follow the instructions.
    Exam Copy Bookbag
  • Smart Classrooms
    Nearly all of the classrooms in the Business Building have instructional technology in smart classrooms, run and maintained by IST - Smart Classrooms. If you would like a personal training session, please call 780.492.3923.
  • Software
    There are three sources for software on campus for instructors:

    The Alberta School of Business is a member of the MSDNAA, which provides all Alberta School of Business students and instructors with access to a variety of Microsoft Software products free of charge. 

    IST Site Licenses
    The University of Alberta holds several licenses for a variety of software titles which are available for a nominal cost.  Click here to access the IST Site License catalogue. All software purchases must be routed through the Technology Group. If you locate a software title that you would like to purchase, place an incident into the help desk and select the Computer and Software Purchase category.