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Earning two degrees in one helps grad turn passion for fashion into a dream career

As one of the first graduates of the U of A’s fashion business management program, Frances Heaton gained a deeper understanding of the industry and a strong professional network.

Innovator Spotlight: Madeline Toubiana (The Quad)

Madeline Toubiana investigates entrepreneurship’s role in social change.

U of A program encourages high schoolers to explore entrepreneurship (Global News)

U of A business professor Michael Lounsbury is working with Edmonton high schoolers to get them interested in entrepreneurship.

Keystone XL is dead, but oil sands are waking up (E&E News)

Climate activists celebrating the death of the Keystone XL pipeline might be in for a disappointment. While the high-profile project is not moving forward, the outlook for Canadian oil sands production is improving.

City announces e-commerce support for local small businesses (City of Leduc)

Starting today, Leduc business owners will have access to a new support program to help them establish or expand their online presence.

A Week of Big Blows for Big Oil (New York Times)

Two victories by environmental activists added to the uncertainty surrounding the industry and Canada’s oil sands.

How the inspiration for Jason Kenney's inquiry into un-Albertan activities came to be so (mis)understood (CBC)

Researcher Vivian Krause didn't (quite) say what you thought she said, writes economist Andrew Leach.

U of A entrepreneurship program (Radio Active CBC)

Michael Lounsbury is a professor at the University of Alberta School of Business.

RUNWITHIT Synthetics recognized as “most Edmonton startup” (Taproot Edmonton)

RUNWITHIT Synthetics was declared the “Most Edmonton Startup of the Year” at the first-ever YEG Startup Community Awards.

Varcoe: IEA net-zero report delivers sobering assessment for Canada (Calgary Herald)

But when it comes to oil and natural gas, the report contains a different message: no spending on new supplies is required as demand falls.

Mr. COVID campaign racks up accolades at Edmonton advertising awards show (CBC)

The Government of Alberta also recognized in the Fearless Client category.

2021 Innovation Awards Recipients (The Quad)

Celebrating innovation and commercialization, and the U of A innovators who make it happen.

Pilot program aims to give high schoolers a head start on becoming entrepreneurs

U of A business professor teams up with Edmonton school to teach students what it takes to turn ideas into successful ventures.

Common logics in oil and gas (Future Energy Systems)

Understanding how organizations in the oil and gas sector have evolved over 80 years can help shape future directions for energy systems.

U of A spinoff company's innovative technology could treat retinal diseases that affect millions worldwide

PulseMedica’s made-in-Alberta imaging technology and devices target age-related macular degeneration and other eye diseases.

RunWithIt Synthetics Inc. (Innovation Guelph)

Myrna Bittner,is the CEO and Co-Founder of RWI Synthetics, an AI-based modelling company that supplies a Synthetic Modelling Platform (SMP) for disrupted sectors like sustainability, mobility, resilience and energy.

Canada’s oil dependence tests Trudeau’s green ambitions (Financial Times)

Ottawa does not see its pledge to slash emissions as a block to decades of new hydrocarbon growth.

How Uber drivers avoided — and contributed to — the fate of taxi drivers (The Conversation)

Countries around the world are wrestling with whether to classify Uber drivers and other gig economy workers as independent contractors or employees.

Alberta government lets the ‘turn-off-the-taps’ law expire (The Globe and Mail)

Canadian Retailer Peavey Expanding Brick-and-Mortar Store Base Amid Shifting Omnichannel Strategy (Retail Insider)

Adversity, disruption, and uncertainty. They are likely the three descriptors that will be most often employed in future to help identify the tenor of our current times, both here at home and around the world.

Minimum corporate tax rate would diminish Alberta advantage, expert says (St. Albert Today)

Calls to set a global minimum corporate tax rate could hurt Alberta's advantage as the lowest tax jurisdiction.

Berkshire Chooses Greg Abel as Warren Buffett’s Successor in CEO Role (Wall Street Journal)

The choice of Mr. Abel to eventually lead Berkshire Hathaway answers question that had hovered over the firm for decades.

Berkshire Hathaway's Greg Abel to Succeed Warren Buffett When He Retires (The Street)

Berkshire Hathaway Vice Chairman Greg Abel will succeed Warren Buffett as head of the investment conglomerate when the famed value investor retires.

Innovator Spotlight: Lazina Mckenzie (The Quad)

The manager of ThresholdImpact Venture Mentoring Service teaches us about the power of shower-thinking and team brainstorms.

Helping local businesses go digital opens opportunities for U of A business students

Students gain job skills while providing free support to hundreds of business owners looking to gain a foothold in the online marketplace.

What a made-in-Alberta carbon pricing plan could look like — and how it could impact the province (Edmonton Journal)

Alberta has to decide whether to stick with the federal carbon pricing backstop or implement its own plan. The former costs drivers more at the pump, but the latter would not necessarily have to.

Canada's not trailing the world on climate action, environment minister insists (CBC)

Other countries have made bolder commitments. Jonathan Wilkinson says Canada still measures up.

Another climate target for Canada, but what's the plan to get there? (Calgary Herald)

It’s good to have personal goals, like getting in shape after the holidays. It’s also important to have realistic objectives.

Alberta energy sector icon Stanley A. Milner remembered for his generosity and many achievements (Edmonton Journal)

Stanley A. Milner, an icon in Alberta’s energy sector, has died.

‘A really good man and a great Albertan’: U of A community mourns passing of Stanley Milner

Former board chair and alumnus remembered as a savvy business leader, a community builder and a champion of education.

Canada's cannabis industry could see a shakedown (630 CHED)

Kyle Murray, Vice Dean, University of Alberta School of Business.

Canada's past climate promises have been a flop. Could that change at this summit? (CBC)

U.S. hosts climate event at pivotal moment, of rapid change. Canada promised here to exceed its Paris target

Putting a Cap on Waste: Two UAlberta Students Plan to Reduce Harmful Packaging Materials in the Beauty Industry (UAI)

UAlberta Business students Felisa Pador and Delilah Dias tackle waste production in the beauty industry with their idea of ALL CAPS, skincare products contained in single-serving capsules.

One Expert On The Influencer Marketing Halo Effect And Leveraging Impactful Marketing Strategies (Forbes)

Julianne Fraser shares a few influencer marketing strategies that have enabled her campaigns and their inspirational brands to thrive in their fields.

Can Canadian Cannabis market predict New York State marijuana profits? (WKBW)

The legalization of recreational marijuana in Canada in 2018 brought a lot of excitement, but not necessarily results.

'It's very Darwinian': Experts predicting shakedown in Canada's cannabis market (CTV Edmonton)

After a boom in the cannabis industry following legalization in 2018, experts are predicting a rough patch for the sector in the coming years.

After ‘Green Rush,’ Canada’s Legal Pot Suppliers Are Stumbling (The New York Times)

Most marijuana producers in Canada are still reporting staggering losses two and a half years after legalization.

The role for Alberta on the road to Canada's 2050 net-zero target (CBC)

Seamus O'Regan discusses the future of oil and gas on the latest episode of CBC's West of Centre.

University of Alberta program provides Edmonton businesses online support amid COVID-19 pandemic (CISN FM)

It's a pattern that started to emerge before the pandemic: more people shopping online. It's shifted even more now, forcing businesses to adapt. A free program launched last year has been helping hundreds of businesses in Edmonton with their digital presence.

Downtown Spark bringing life back to the core (CBC)

'People are really looking for those experiences they can do with their families'

Greenhouse gas emissions trending upwards in Canada (Winnipeg Free Press)

The latest report on Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions is out, and the bad news is in: emissions continue to trend upward.

Helping businesses adapt to digital demands of the pandemic (City News)

The owner of Restorative Body Med says her business has actually grown during the pandemic, thanks to the online presence she has earned with the Making Edmonton Digital program.

U of A professors weigh in on Supreme Court’s carbon pricing decision in expert panel (The Gateway)

University of Alberta professors explained how the decision affects Indigenous communities, Canada’s net-zero emissions goal, and future federal policies regarding climate change.

U of A group creates biodegradable products with local brewery (Global News)

A small group of entrepreneurial students at the University of Alberta are creating a plastic-less future.

Making Edmonton Digital aims to help businesses adapt to pandemic (Global News)

As businesses continue to be slammed with changes and restrictions through the COVID-19 pandemic, the Making Edmonton Digital initiative is hoping to help them adapt.

U of A program helps local businesses build up digital presence (CTV)

With many customers now looking online for all their shopping and service needs, a newly expanded program partnership with the City of Edmonton, University of Alberta, federal government, and local businesses is helping local companies make the digital dive.

'We don't have the data to support it': Alberta Hospitality Association disappointed with province reverting to Step 1 (Edmonton Journal)

The Alberta Hospitality Association is disappointed the province is reverting back to Step 1 of its public health restriction framework, arguing the decision is politically motivated.

Noah Castelo: Relating to robots (AI4Society Podcast)

How people respond to artificial intelligence depends on their perceptions of whether or not AI is to be trusted, the context in which they encounter AI and, in the case of robots, how the AI looks.

Foreign buyers show fresh interest as asset sales resume in Canadian energy sector (Financial Post)

'While 2020 was a challenging year for the energy sector, within every challenge there is an opportunity'

Workplace Burnout With Michelle Inness (What the Job? Podcast)

Lack of energy, inability to concentrate, chronic stress: the signs of workplace burnout are real and they are a problem.