Ep 1: Love & Retail - Valentine's Day Trends

12 February 2019

Made a decision on what to get your loved one this Valentine's Day? Or maybe the plan is to "treat yo self," instead? Listen in as Heather Thomson, Executive Director of the School of Retailing talks about consumer behaviour on Valentine's Day, and identifies some of the current trends surrounding the "Hallmark Holiday."

Ep 1: Love & retail-Valentine's Day trends


Heather Thomson-Executive Director of the School of Retailing, Alberta School of Business


Andy Grabia-Digital Communications, Alberta School of Business

February 12, 2019 11 minute listen

Episode Highlights

  • Valentine's Day remains a popular holiday but is no longer just a holiday for couples. An increasing number of single people are celebrating the day, either by themselves or in a larger group.
  • Overall spending for Valentine's Day continues to rise, with more and more people splurging on themselves.
  • The physical exchange of gifts remains the dominant form of gift-giving, despite technological advances like the smartphone.
  • Cards, chocolates, flowers and jewellery remain popular with Baby Boomers and Generation X, while Millennials and Generation Z are buying experiences, such as spa days and vacations.
  • "Galentine's Day," which originally began as an episode of the television show Parks and Recreation, has transcended the show and is now celebrated by many women on February 13th.

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