Ep 7: Perspectives on having a platform as Black community leaders

16 February 2021

We recently spoke to two Black leaders in our community over Zoom to discuss their time as Black students at the Alberta School of Business, their experience as leaders and what it means to have the platform they do.

Perspectives on having a platform as Black community leaders podcast


Hanna Daniel - a Bachelor of Commerce student. In her first year, she founded the black students association on campus. She's also competed at JDC West on the first all-woman team and is a senior UAlberta Ambassador.

Keenan Pascal - a School of Business alumnus and the co-founder and CEO of Token Naturals, an Edmonton-based company that extracts cannabis for companies and consumers. He's also the founder and CEO of Token Bitters, Edmonton's first local bitters company.


Brea ElfordDigital Communications Associate, Alberta School of Business

February 16, 2021  30 minute listen

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