Bachelor of Commerce (BCom)

Residency Requirements for the BCom After Degree

  1. Student with an equivalent Business degree are in-admissible to the Alberta School of Business.

  2. Admissible after-degree students must complete all degree requirements within the 45 units of course weight (ucw) minimum and 60 ucw maximum required for an after-degree at the Alberta School of Business.  Degree requirements are determined by a student's declared major and will vary between majors.

  3. Students may only take courses that are required for their major (and minor if permitted) as listed on Academic Requirements on Bear Tracks or for students admitted prior to 2018 on their flowchart.  Students cannot take courses extra to degree requirements. eg if the requirements of the major declared are met within 51 ucw, 51 ucw is what is permitted

  4. The residency requirements may mean students have limited options.  It may not be possible to change majors or declare a minor. 

These requirements ensure students graduating with a Bachelor Commerce degree take the majority of their Business courses at the University of Alberta as an Alberta Bachelor of Commerce student and have sufficient exposure to not only our course work, but also the environment and culture of the School.

Please carefully review the flowchart you received with your offer of admission.  By accepting our offer of admission, you are agreeing to the requirements of the degree and the residency requirements.  Admission decisions are final and are not appealable.

Should you have any questions about degree or residency requirements, please make arrangements to speak with a Student Advisor in the Undergraduate Office.