Bachelor of Commerce (BCom)


Reexaminations are not normally permitted in the Alberta School of Business.

What is a re-examination?

A re-examination is a provision whereby a student may be granted another examination in a course if their standing, following the final examination, is unsatisfactory.

Re-examinations are not normally permitted in the Alberta School of Business except in circumstances that would justify the granting of a deferred examination and under specific conditions.

What conditions are required before I can apply for a re-examination for a Business course?

  1. The final exam, as scheduled, must be worth at least 40%.
  2. You must have failed the course.
  3. For Fall courses you must have a term GPA of at least 2.0 including the failed course.
    For Winter Courses you must have a Fall/Winter GPA of 2.0 including the failed course.
  4. You must have written the final exam as originally scheduled and you must provide evidence of a medical condition or similarly compelling circumstance that existed at the time of the exam.  Re-examinations will not be granted for final exams that have been deferred.
  5. You must provide evidence that your performance in the final examination was so affected by circumstances as shown in #4 that there was a substantial difference between the final examination results and the term work.

What if I am a Business Student in my graduating year and I need this course to graduate?

If you are in your graduating year and there are no other options available, a re-examination may be granted notwithstanding your ability to provide evidence of #4 or #5 of the above conditions.  A maximum of one such re-examination will be granted if you would otherwise fail to graduate.

What if it is not a Business course?

If it is not a Business course, but you meet all other conditions, you may still apply to the Undergraduate Office for a re-examination.  However, the course may be subject to further conditions by the teaching Faculty or may not be allowed by the teaching Faculty. Please follow the normal application process detailed below.

What if I am not an Alberta School of Business student?

If you are not an Alberta School of Business student, your Faculty may not allow re-examinations.  Please contact them directly to find out if re-examinations are allowed and under what conditions. You will need to meet their conditions and the conditions of the Alberta School of Business (1 through 5 above) before a re-examination will be allowed for a Business course.

Please follow your Faculty's application process.  If they require you to initiate the process through the Alberta School of Business, you will need to present a detailed written request to the Alberta School of Business Undergraduate Program Office c/o  This request must include your name, ID#, phone number and Faculty; include a statement indicating that re-examinations are permitted in your Faculty; detail your circumstances; demonstrate that you meet the Alberta School of Business' conditions, the University's conditions and your Faculty's conditions (notwithstanding your GPA); include a contact name and phone number from your Faculty is case additional information is required about your record; and must include supporting documentation. The School of Business will approve or deny your request.

How do I apply if I am an Alberta School of Business student?

The application process will start once you speak with a Student Advisor and indicate that you would like a re-examination.  If you meet the required conditions, you will then need to make a formal request in writing to the Alberta School of Business Undergraduate Program Office c/o This request must detail your circumstances and include supporting documentation if it has not already been presented to a Student Advisor. 

What documentation is required?

If you were ill, a medical note cannot be required, nor will a medical statement guarantee approval.  However, the Advisor will ask you to provide a detailed explanation of how your illness was incapacitating and will ask for other supporting documentation as applicable.  If you are under the care of a physician, you may choose to bring documentation to support your request.  Any medical documentation provided must explain the severity, duration and prognosis of your illness. 

If you are applying for reasons other than personal illness or injury, you must provide supporting documentation that substantiates your absence. In addition, a Statutory Declaration may be required.

If you cannot support your application and are unwilling to provide a Statutory Declaration if asked, your application will be denied.

Note: It is a serious offense to misrepresent facts in order to obtain a deferred examination or re-examination.  Making a false statement will constitute grounds for a charge to be laid under the Code of Student Behaviour, Section 30.3.6(4) Misrepresentation of Facts: "No Student shall misrepresent pertinent facts to any member of the University community for the purpose of obtaining academic or other advantage."

What is a Statutory Declaration and where can I get it?

A Statutory Declaration is a legal document whereby you swear under oath that a statement is true to a Commissioner of Oaths. Making a false statement on this form constitutes grounds for a charge to be laid under the Code of Student Behaviour and may result in liability under the Criminal Code.

A Statutory Declaration can be obtained through the Office of the Registrar.

Is there a deadline I must apply by?

Yes, you must apply within 10 days of the posting of results. The application process will start once you speak with a Student Advisor and indicate you would like a re-examination.  If you are not an Alberta School of Business student, the application process will start upon receipt of your letter to the Undergraduate Program Office if the Alberta School of Business is the first point of initiation by your Faculty.  A decision will not be made until all grades for the term are available.

What if my application is denied?

If your request for a re-examination is denied, you will receive the grade originally assigned in the course. 

Is there a fee?

Yes, fees are automatically generated when your application has been approved and are due to Financial Services within fourteen days. Please consult the Office of the Registrar for current fees.

Is there a limit to the number of re-examination permitted?

Yes, only one re-examination can be granted in a Fall/Winter or Spring/Summer period, and no more than 12 units of course weight can be granted in re-examinations.