Students in Business and elsewhere are increasingly looking for and want enriching experiences during their university years. The University is increasingly aware that much learning takes place in environments other than the traditional classroom with traditional instructors. Leadership is a quality that is learned through osmosis and example; through the observation of great leaders in action, and through the reflections on leadership that these leaders provide. Both the University of Alberta and the Alberta School of Business need to prepare students to take key positions in society after graduation. There is a need in society for strong ethical and motivated leaders in all disciplines and areas.

Transformative Experience

The Leadership Certificate program is a two year program aimed at producing a transformative experience for undergraduate students; an experience that provides them with access to and mentorship by individuals with proven leadership qualities in the local, national and international communities. Academic coursework is provided by Faculty members trained in leadership and who conduct research in this area. Additional learning experiences are provided by leaders from across Alberta and Canada in many different disciplines.


Senior Administration in the Faculty, including Dean, Joseph Doucet and Associate Dean, Elaine Geddes, are committed to this program and to teaching and facilitating the courses. Academic Staff, such as Dr. Richard Field, are committed to playing strong roles in the mentoring and support of students in the program. Dr. Field is a former Associate Dean in Business and has been an instructor in Leadership for both undergraduate and graduate students for over 25 years.

Connect to the Community

Guest lecturers and speakers will come from the local and national community in the seminar and lecture series.  Speakers will be leaders in academic life, business, professions, military, government, and the volunteer, cultural and non-profit communities as examples. Leadership in all areas of life will be stressed. 


Students enter the program as they begin their third year. A small cohort of no more than twenty students per year ensures that each student is given individual attention. All courses in the program, both existing and new courses, will be adapted for delivery in a small group setting. The small class setting will be ideal for the development of strong connections between students in the program and between students and the course and program leaders, mentors and instructors.  It will also allow us to put on special events for students such as job shadowing, individual mentoring, retreats and other experiences that enhance the ability of individual students to have personal one-on-one time with selected leaders. Additional experiences offered will vary from year to year and as the interests of both students and leaders develop.


We are creating an exceptional and life-changing university experience for students through providing this opportunity to integrate learning and educate prospective leaders. We look to recognize the excellence of individuals as displayed in their leadership efforts within our community and show how leadership contributes to community- and nation-building. We seek to inspire students through the examples of academic instructors, community leaders and others, and enable and encourage students to engage in activities that develop leadership, foster social and moral responsibility, and contribute to the further development of our society and its institutions.


All students accepted into the Leadership Certificate program will be granted a scholarship. This scholarship is not dependent on any proof of financial need.