How to Apply

All students in the Bachelor of Commerce program who are beginning their final two years of study in the Fall term are encouraged to consider applying to the Leadership Certificate program. 

Students in the Bachelor of Commerce program may apply to pursue the Certificate in Leadership by meeting the following requirements:

  1. Students must apply to the Undergraduate Program Office by May 15th.
  2. Applications must be accompanied by a resume, at least one letter of reference, and a letter of intent. Following May 15th, applicants will be short-listed. Short-listed applicants will be given a set of questions and asked to submit a 5-7 minute video response (see the ‘Apply’ link for more details). 
  3. Students must have completed or be in the process of completing all of the required primary core courses in the Bachelor of Commerce Program.
  4. Students must have completed a minimum of *51 and a maximum of *69 towards their Bachelor of Commerce degree, including courses in progress during the Winter or Spring term in which they apply.
  5. Students must be in satisfactory academic standing.

There are only a small number of spaces exist in the Certificate in Leadership Program. Only students who meet these qualifications will be considered. 

*This program is not normally open to students who have completed more than two years in a Bachelor of Commerce Program, or to students in the After-Degree Program. Students in the Co-operative Education Program may have to consult with both the Undergraduate Office and the Business Career Services Office to see if the certificate will fit with their current program.