Leadership Certificate Cohorts

2017 Cohort

Alison Bachand-Lapointe

“What motivates me is being able to help others.” This is who Alison Bachand-Lapointe is. A forward-thinking individual who puts others first. She loves being able to assist others in reaching their goals, and this is the reason she decided to be a part of the Leadership Certificate Program. Alison is an International Business Major and keeps herself busy with many extracurricular. When Alison is not working or travelling, she dedicates her time to Canadian Pony Club, a nonprofit organization. Alison is a member of CPC and attends the English riding competitions, lesson and activities with her horse Arik. Not only is she a member of CPC she also volunteers her time on the Regional Board as the Communications Chair and Regional Youth representative as well as the National Board as Active Member Director West and a member on multiple committees. When asked what her dream was she replied with, “to make a positive impact in someone’s life.” She has been able to use the LC Program to “learn about leading,” and has had some impactful lessons from her classes, including leaders are not born but made, and everyone possesses their own leadership style. 



Jemima Balbastro

Jemima is a third-year Management Information Systems major, with a minor in Operations Management. Along with the Leadership Certificate, she is also pursuing the Business Technology Management Certificate through her major. Aside from her academic studies, Jemima has shown interdisciplinary involvement, especially in the Fine Arts, participating in MFA Drama projects and acting in various Directing and Voice class projects through the University of Alberta, teaching visual arts and dramatic skits to elementary schools in the community, singing for the University of Alberta Mixed Chorus, and acting in simulated medical scenarios for the Faculty of Medicine Health Sciences and Research Council. Her strong communication skills built through her Fine Arts involvement has proven an asset in Jemima’s business career, landing her opportunities to compete locally, nationally, and internationally in various case competitions. It also gave her the chance to apply her business skills in non-profit, arts-based organizations such as Alberta Theatre Projects in Calgary and the Citadel Theatre in Edmonton. After graduating, Jemima plans on working in technology, media, and telecommunication industry for a few years before pursuing a Master’s Degree. Long-term, Jemima wants to work abroad, continue her volunteerism, and ultimately pursue a leadership role wherever she may be.



Alycia Fritze

Alycia is a third-year Strategic Management & Organization major, with a minor in Operations Management. Alycia selected these areas because they serve as an intersection of qualitative and quantitative knowledge. Post-undergrad, Alycia intends to work in consulting and eventually return to school to get her Ph.D. in a management field and become a professor. Throughout her time as a university student, she has been actively involved with student clubs. In her first year in Business, she served on the Business Students’ Association Council as a Cohort Representative and was on the Alberta JDC West Social team. In her second year, Alycia returned to Alberta JDC West on the executive team as VP Social and was on the Not-for-profit case team. She has also volunteered for 5 Days for the Homeless for two consecutive years. Her extra-curricular experience has provided a unique lens in the Leadership Certificate Program. Of all the incredible benefits, Alycia most values her peers in the LCP, as they provide both an invaluable learning opportunity and friendships beyond the classroom. Outside of school, Alycia enjoys spending time with friends and family, and being at her family’s lake cabin in the summertime.



Gabe Gomes

Gabe is a third-year accounting major, with a minor in Strategic Management & Organization minor. Following the completion of his undergraduate degree, Gabe plans to pursue the CPA designation and his internship experience has him well on his way. Within the Alberta School of Business, Gabe has been an executive member of the University of Alberta Accounting Club. In his first year as Director Tax, and now President. Gabe believes that performance is best measured by the degree to which it positively affects others, which is why he is proud to be involved with UAAC’s annual tax clinic. The tax clinic provides the Edmonton community the opportunity to have their tax returns filed for free every year. Gabe also looks to be more involved with case competitions to further skills in developing creative solutions while in a team setting. Gabe values learning through peers and experience, which make student clubs and the Leadership Certificate Program opportune. Outside of the school of business, Gabe is passionate about fitness, and exploring diverse music and food scenes.



Sasha Jacob 

Sasha is a third-year Finance major with a minor in Strategic Management and Organization. Despite the intensity, she loves finance because of the challenge, rapid pace, and push to constantly learn. She wants to take her first steps upon graduation as an investment banking analyst with hopes of pursuing a career in private equity. Sasha has challenged herself to strive for excellence in all aspects of her life – including her studies, extracurricular activities and physical wellbeing. Within the past two years, her involvement in a multitude of business groups like the BSA, JDC, Enactus, AIESEC, UAMA, and the School of Retailing Consulting Group has helped her develop immensely on both a professional and personal level. In addition to those groups, Sasha has a strong passion for participating in (and winning) case competitions. She has had the opportunity to participate and place in several internal competitions. This past year she was involved with two international cases and won first place at the Asian Business Case Competition in Singapore. While she loves stimulating her brain, Sasha considers physical fitness a necessity of life. She attempts to work out every day and always makes time to play a quick game of squash or basketball with friends and worthy competitors. Her path has been full of surprises thus far and she cannot wait for her life to unfold. 


Peter Keith
Peter came to the Alberta School of Business after an earlier career in the Culinary Arts. As a certified chef, cooking teacher, and mentor, he was looking for business training to prepare for the next step in his career. He is now a member of the Leadership Certificate Program while pursuing his BCom in Entrepreneurship. Peter’s main project outside school is his artisan food business, “Meuwly’s,” with a retail store on 124th St in Edmonton. He is a frequent participant in cooking competitions, having trained the NAIT team for the past five years. He will be competing at the 2020 World Culinary Olympics in Germany with Culinary Team Canada. Peter serves on the Board of Directors for the Edmonton Chef’s Association and the Canadian Culinary Fund and helps organize the annual “Skills Alberta” competition for Trades and Technologies students. In his spare time, you’ll find him backpacking (and eating) his way around the world. His long-term goals include working in the nonprofit sector to improve food security in our society.



Josh Puszka
Josh is constantly trying to be disruptive and different, to grow personally and to help others in pursuing their individual endeavours. This is a large reason why he decided to join the Leadership Certificate Program at the Alberta School of Business. After a multitude of involvement opportunities and extracurriculars including: VP Public Relations on 5 Days for the Homeless, Cohort Representative and Internal Relations Director on the Business Students’ Association, VP Marketing on the OM Club, and a competitor on the Marketing Team on Alberta JDC West, he has decided to focus his scope for this coming year. Josh will be using his diverse skillset as an Operations Management major, Marketing minor to write cases for the Alberta International Business Competition as the academic director and compete once again with Alberta JDC West Team as VP Charity. He is excited to apply his vast experiences from the Faculty of Business to his position with ATB Financial this summer. When Josh is not busy, he enjoys running through the river valley and exploring local restaurants within Edmonton. After graduation, he hopes to utilize his experience with case competitions at the regional and international levels to pursue a career path in management consulting.


Emma Ripka
Emma chose to pursue a BComm at the Alberta School of Business after spending a gap year in Europe after high school. Throughout her 3 years of university, she has been involved with multiple student groups, including JDC West, AIESEC Edmonton, and the Improv Club, in addition to dabbling in entrepreneurship. Emma became a member of the Leadership Certificate Program this year, which has challenged her in many ways, but has been a highlight of her degree — particularly because of her incredible classmates. After working as the Students’ Union’s Business Promotional Coordinator, Emma successfully ran for the position of Vice President Operations and Finance. She will complete her term in the coming year, before finishing her Finance degree abroad. Emma then hopes to get her Master’s of Industrial & Organizational Psychology, with the goal of opening her own practice while also working with the corporate at not-for-profit sectors. She feels that this path encompasses her passions for people and deep thought, while also providing opportunities for innovation and diversification of her career. Emma has an insatiable thirst for life, and is eager to see what lies ahead.



Darby Walton
Darby is a Bachelor of Commerce student majoring in Business Economics and Law. In addition to the Leadership Certificate, Darby is completing a certificate in Community Engagement and Service Learning. Throughout this endeavor, 100 hours of community service will be incorporated into her undergraduate degree. She routinely supports her community, previously as a community soccer coach and currently as a Court Worker with the Elizabeth Fry Society. Darby believes in pursuing opportunities that enrich her personal development and learning beyond what is taught in a traditional classroom environment. Darby enhances her education with her involvement in extracurricular activities. This year, she served as Vice President Internal of the Business Students’ Association and was a member of the Alberta JDC West Debate team. These experiences have taught her about the importance of balance, perspective and dedication. In the near future, Darby hopes to serve as an intern for a non-profit board and further align her passion for community involvement with her academic endeavours. Following the completion of her undergraduate degree, Darby plans to attend law school and practice law before venturing into a career in the not-for-profit sector.



Ali Wicklum
Ali is a marketing major and intends to pursue a career in law, social entrepreneurship, advertising, or all three. This wide array speaks to her passions for cross-cultural understanding, social development, music, and… indecision. She recognizes that her BComm may get her through the door but it is up to her to stay inside. To this end, she is taking a 5-year degree interspersed with varsity rugby in 3 countries (including at the U of A), 5 internships, 9 months in South America, and other activities that allow her to be creative and be on a team. A notable experience of hers was a 9-month trip to Argentina and Peru. There, she worked at the Canadian Embassies in each country, was lead singer in a jazz band, trained with the Peruvian national rugby team, and did a semester of University. She also became fluent in Spanish, her third language. She is counting down to her next adventure but in the meantime, is thrilled to be back to her guitar and her volunteer activities. One such activity is being Head of Business Development for SoCo Consulting, a business consultancy for social enterprise start-ups.



Renée Yu 
Renée is a third-year Operations Management major, currently on a co-op term with the City of Edmonton as a Business Analyst. After graduation, she intends on pursuing a career in strategic or IT consulting. Although Renée does not currently have a full course load, she is often on campus pursuing her extracurricular ventures. Renée is the Vice President Events on the Operations Management Club, the Engagement Director on the Business Students’ Association, and the incoming Vice President Events on the Business Students’ Association. Her ability to plan and facilitate events leaves her colleagues confident that every detail has been taken care of. As someone who is analytical and innovative, Renée is an ideal team member in case competitions. Over the past year, she has been successful in placing in many case competitions held in the School of Business, with such competitions hosted by the UAMA, UAHRMA and the BSA. Renée’s success branches beyond the Alberta School of Business. She embodies leadership and an entrepreneurial spirit in running her own photography business, Reborn Photography. She specializes in portrait and headshot photography, with a clientele base varying from those in need of engagement shoots to providing staff portraits for PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). 



Kevin Zentner
Kevin is a multifaceted artist and Alberta School of Business B.Com student with a major in marketing and minor in business economics. In addition to the leadership certificate, Kevin is completing a certificate in sustainability and co-operative education component to his degree. He has also competed in the Alberta International Case Competition, JDC West, and several internal case competitions at the Alberta School of Business. During his preprofessional year at MacEwan University, Kevin was the winner of the BUS201 challenge which included the creation and operation of a start-up for 6 weeks. After his degree, Kevin hopes to pursue a JD/MBA to support his aspirations in international business. His current work as a human rights advocate with Neighbourhood Bridges sees the advance of Edmontonians' concept of diversity and inclusivity. He attributes much of his drive to three central intentions: seeking innovative solutions, developing meaningful relationships, and constantly re-evaluating his impact. A portfolio of his artwork, design, and culinary expression can be seen at Kevinzentner.com.



2016 Leadership Certificate Cohort


Renee Anielski
Renee is a third year Bachelor of Commerce student pursuing a major in Marketing. She would love to live in a world where individuals have the opportunity to pursue their passions and live in the moment without fear. Renee has found success in her various involvements within the Alberta School of Business. Her engagements include being an executive member of the Business Exchange Association and the Conference Director on the Business Students Association. Her most recent accomplishment was participating in the Champions Trophy competition in Aukland, New Zealand. Renee also has a passion for event planning and was privileged to be part of the Organizing Committee for the JDC West 2017 competition hosted in Edmonton, Alberta. When she is not juggling schoolwork and other commitments, Renee enjoys engaging in conversation with her peers, escaping to the mountains, volunteering in her community, and remaining active. At the end of her degree Renee hopes to venture on exchange before entering the working environment. In the future, she hopes to pursue an active career in consulting, working on various problems and constantly learning through creativity and innovation.



Courney Belau
Courtney wants to live in a world where comic con is every weekend, and where people do not allow their passions to burn out. As a third year accounting student, she adapted well to moving to Edmonton alone at 17 years old; she is Vice President Communications for the University of Alberta Accounting Club, and has been granted the Larry Swonek CPA Education Foundation Award. She manages to keep herself busy outside of the School of Business as well, through volunteering at the SPCA and being a member of the Comics Club. When she’s not gaming, reading comic books, baking, or working out, you can find her somewhere around the world trying new things, like ethnic foods, paddle boarding, and underwater basket weaving. Her second term at EBT Chartered Accountants will commence this summer, as well as her eighth trip out of the country. In the future, Courtney plans to continue celebrating the small successes, attain her CPA and become manager at a public firm, and – eventually – achieve her high aspiration of becoming partner.



Jonathan Bennett
Jon wants to live in a world where hard work and setting goals will enable individuals to pursue their dreams and experience life's endless gifts and opportunities. As a third year Strategic Management & Organization student, he has enjoyed volunteering during the Alberta Energy Challenge and for JDC West, and recently won the EY Challenge Edmonton Finals. He is excited to be the new co-chair for the EDGE Case Competition, and plans to compete in more competitions this year. His long-term involvement with the Alberta Lacrosse Referees Association has brought him to multiple national championships and one World Championship, teaching him the importance of ongoing mentorship. When he is not hanging out at the University eating lunch, drinking coffee, or trying to study, you can find him happily keeping busy working one of his jobs, volunteering with minor sports, or going out for dinner to socialize with friends. Jon’s recent summer exchange to Vienna ignited his passion to experience culture; he is planning to step out of his comfort zone once again on an exchange to Hong Kong. One of Jon’s most dreaded questions is his plans after school. For now, he is focused on gaining more international and volunteer experience to help drive him towards a fulfilling future.



Rachel Bokenfohr
Rachel wants to live in a world where everyone around her participates when she breaks into a spunky musical number. As a 4th year Marketing student, she’s been actively involved in the community through Rotary International. She is the Co-Chair of Marketing for RYLE, an annual rotary youth leadership camp designed for leadership inclined youth within the district. When she’s not volunteering with the University of Alberta Rotaract club or Big Brothers Big Sisters you can find her downhill skiing, water skiing or in the audience of any play/musical/concert. If that fails, you can always find her by following the singing voice. In collaboration with some of her fellow LC teammates, her most recent accomplishment is advancing to the Nationals of the EY Challenge hosted annually in Toronto this upcoming February. In the future, Rachel plans to find a way to merge her love of marketing, consulting and her passion for the arts into a career while maintaining to give back to the community in the largest capacity possible.



Mitchell Buchkowsky
Mitchell wants to live in a world where people of all ages aren’t afraid to be themselves and are given the opportunity to make positive, sustainable change in their own lives as well as in the lives of others. As a third-year Finance student, Mitchell has come a long way from only getting A’s in elementary gym class, and has since been recognized for his pursuit of academic excellence by being an active member of the Golden Key International Honours Society (GKIH). His involvement with Safewalk Services at the University of Alberta as well as being a Youth Coordinator in his local community are a couple of ways he tries to stay connected the people around him. Over the course of his degree, Mitchell has competed in the Edmonton Ultimate Players Association and has been a member of the University’s Ultimate Frisbee Club. When he’s not crunching numbers at school or tossing a Frisbee on the field, he enjoys catching up with family and friends, cooking new and exotic meals, and slowly mastering the art of juggling. In the future, Mitchell wants to use his entrepreneurial spirit in some capacity while contributing to the wellbeing of the communities of which he is a part.



Run Jia (RJ) Gan
RJ wants to live in a world where it is not a taboo to talk to strangers and strike up a conversation. As a 3rd year accounting student and varsity tennis player, she has been featured as the spotlight athlete by the UAB. On campus, she is an executive member of three student clubs, and off campus she enjoys working as the senior supervisor for Public Outreach Group, fundraising for different ethical non-profit organizations. When she's not training for nationals or working, you can probably find her talking to anyone, anywhere on campus. Her latest endeavour, with her start-up UNI, looks to bring together international students and allow them to find friends more quickly. With the world becoming more and more divided, RJ works for a solution to bring people together.



Jordan Ladd
Jordan wants to live in a world where people are constantly aspiring to accomplish their goals, pursue their passions and live in happiness. As a third year accounting student, she’s been involved in multiple clubs within The Alberta School of Business including the Business Exchange Association, on the events portfolio, the Business Students’ Association, as Vice President Internal, and as a competitor on the JDC West not-for-profit team. Jordan is passionate about volunteering within the community and has been a part of the Students Union Campus Community Gardens and study buddies, and has also been an acrobatics arts teaching assistant. When she’s not at school studying or in meetings, you can find her enjoying the company of friends and her three younger sisters, or curled up in bed reading Harry Potter. This summer Jordan is looking forward to working at Ernst & Young. In the future, Jordan plans to travel the world before starting her career as an accountant and obtaining her CPA. She dreams of eventually opening up her own acrobatics studio, and also of applying her leadership skills in the not-for-profit sector.




Molly Moore
Molly is a third-year Accounting major who loves solving puzzles and interpreting numbers. She is involved as the CPA Ambassador for the University of Alberta and the VP Operations for the Next Generation Leadership Club. During Summer 2016, you could find her on Going-to-the-Sun Road as she was working for Travel Alberta as the supervisor of the Visitor Centre in West Glacier, Montana. In her spare time, Molly teaches and plays piano and has joined the adult colouring book craze. After graduation, she plans to pursue her CPA designation.
In addition to seeking a career that combines leadership and accounting, Molly wants to remain involved in the community. Beyond that, she wants to apply the skills she has learned from volunteer and leadership opportunities in order to enhance her future career.



Thom Oguntoyinbo
Thom wants to live in a world where we all can just get along. As a third year accounting major he has been honoured with the Community & Volunteerism award for his work with Residence Services on campus. An avid debater, Thom was the captain of the Alberta JDC West debate team that won the 2017 JDC West Business Debate competition. Thom's debate experience allows him to understand different perspectives and empathise with others. When he is not debating or playing soccer, Thom can be found watching a few too many movies, or salsa dancing. Thom's new role as the V.P External of the Interdisciplinary Consulting Association will have him connecting students to professionals in the industry. In the future Thom aspires to work in a multifaceted field that allows him make a difference in people’s lives.



Jonathan Purdon
Jon is a third year Operation Management student at the Alberta School of Business, which means he loves Excel spreadsheets and knows how late the computer lab is open. Over the past two years in business he has gotten involved in the community through clubs such as 5 Days for the Homeless and JDC West, first as a member of the Social team, and then as the Vice President of Logistics on the Organizing Committee. When Jon heard about the leadership certificate program, he jumped on the opportunity. He is passionate about mentorship, mental health awareness, and advocating for the homeless within Edmonton. Jon's sincere passion and drive helps to makes him appreciate all the little things in life. During the summer he enjoys running through the beautiful Edmonton river valley, one of the city’s hidden gems. In the winter months he enjoys snowboarding and occasionally shovelling. He credits the best part of his undergraduate degree to the involvement opportunities available to students, and looks forward to what the future holds, which will likely involve learning more about Excel. 



Megan Tsang
Megan wants to live in a world where everyone is has the confidence to speak up and make a difference. As a third year Accounting student looking to pursue a CPA designation upon graduation, she is Vice President Academic of the U of A Accounting Club and volunteers in the UAlberta Ambassador Program. When she’s not contributing to the Chinese Community in the Edmonton Chinese Young Leaders Council, you can find her training for an international martial art competition as a Canadian National Tai Chi Athlete, the next one being the 2017 Summer Universiade. She is excited to be advancing to Nationals of the EY Challenge after winning the local Edmonton chapter with her teammates. Megan is proud to be presented the Gardener Brothers Leadership Scholarship, Premier’s Citizenship Award, as well as been nominated for YWCA’s Women of Distinction Award. Megan believes in facing challenges with optimism and a smile and hopes every knows that sometimes all it takes is a simple act of kindness to make someone’s day. She hopes to inspire and instil confidence in others to step up and speak out to make a change, because if Magikarp can make a splash, so can you.



Saskia Yumna
Saskia wants to live in a world where people are able to find meaning and purpose in life and approach those who are different from themselves with the intent to understand. As a 3rd Year Accounting student she is the Sponsorship Director on Campus UNICEF, Events Director on the Business Exchange Association and Events Vice President on the University of Alberta Accounting Club. She also works to alleviate the strains of homeless individuals in Edmonton by being an active volunteer for the not-for-profit organization Multiplying Equality. When she’s not studying, catching some sleep or cooking food for the week, you can find her on the way to the mountains for a hike or watching videos of her baby sister sent by her family from Qatar. Her latest achievements include winning the Western Canadian Debate Champion title alongside her team in the JDC West Business Competition, as well as competing in the Ernst & Young Challenge Nationals in Toronto. In future, Saskia wants to continue to seek out purposeful volunteer opportunities and constantly challenge herself to different competitions, perspectives and life experiences.





2015 Leadership Certificate Cohort 

**Photo Credit for the 2015 Cohort: Geoff Wong

Alex Kozicki 
Alex wants to live in a world where opportunity is available to anyone who desires it and all are enabled to pursue whatever they set their mind to. Having managed his own business for the past two years, he has developed a unique skillset and passion for not only achieving individual success, but also helping to facilitate it for others. As an Accounting student, he strives to learn as much as possible during his time at the Alberta School of Business, both in the classroom and beyond. His involvement on campus has included different roles such as President of the Accounting Club, competitor on the JDC not-for-profit academic team, as well as one of the inaugural founders of the UAlberta Entrepreneurship Club. When he is not at school, you can find him enjoying the company of friends, watching films, experiencing the outdoors and travelling the world. In the future, Alex plans to either return to the entrepreneurial world or be an active “intrapreneur” from within an organization. He also hopes to contribute to the not-for-profit community in whatever means will make the greatest impact.

  Alexandra Bruni-Bossio
Alexandra is a third-year Finance student at the University of Alberta School of Business, but her ambitions and passions extend beyond numbers and calculations. Alexandra is inspired by the possibility of using innovative business models to benefit the community and create positive social change. Her involvement in developing sustainable community processes in her hometown of Jasper, Alberta resulted in her being awarded with the Toyota Earth Day Canada scholarship for emerging leaders in sustainability. In the Business School, Alexandra is passionate about case competitions, as she enjoys using creativity and working as a team to solve complex business issues. This semester, Alexandra will be representing the University of Alberta at the McDonough Hilltop Business Strategy Competition in Washington, DC, a case competition based on not-for-profit organizations. Though Alexandra enjoys her academics, she is also passionate about athletics: she plays soccer, hockey, practices yoga and is a player on the Pandas Varsity Golf Team. Alexandra truly believes one of the best things about the School of Business is the bright and passionate peers she has been fortunate enough to learn from. Looking to the future, Alexandra is hoping to grow through travel, challenging experiences and new relationships.

  Aliya Rota
Aliya dreams of living in a world where every individual has the opportunity to pursue their passion and live a life where they feel they are fulfilling a purpose. As a third-year Accounting major, her studies are complemented by her involvement in three student clubs. She is on the Executive Committee for the Network of Empowered Women (NEW), where she helps facilitate a national conference with an objective towards inspiring delegates to achieve their personal and professional goals. Additionally, she is involved with the University of Alberta Real Estate Committee, and continues to fulfill her sixteen-year passion for dance by being a member of the on-campus, student-led dance ensemble, MOD. This past summer, Aliya travelled to Melbourne and Sydney, Australia, to participate in the International Scholar Laureate Program Delegation, and also completed an internship with Publishing Concepts Inc. in Dallas, Texas. When she is not in a meeting, studying or spending time with her twelve, younger cousins, you can find Aliya fulfilling her wanderlust by researching new and exciting places to travel and adventures to undertake. In the future, Aliya plans to be an active member of the philanthropic community while also pegging places on her world map of places travelled. 

  Candace Chu

Candace dreams of a world where all youth feel inspired and empowered to serve the community with their unique talents. In addition to being a third-year Accounting Co-op student, Candace currently serves as the Executive Vice President of the U of A Accounting Club, a Campus Ambassador for Ernst and Young, a photographer for Lazy Faire magazine, and a School of Business Centennial Street Team Ambassador. Candace is not only an aspiring business leader, but also a passionate volunteer and award-winning pianist. She is incredibly grateful for both the business and music opportunities that have enabled her to use her strengths for the betterment of others. At the age of six, Candace made her TV debut, and has been channeling her love for music as a performer, teacher, accompanist and member of several committees in the Edmonton arts scene. At her church, she serves on the Missions Committee and is involved in the youth care and music ministries. This year, Candace was honoured to be presented the Lou Hyndman Edmonton Glenora Award from the University of Alberta for her potential in leadership; she is excited to carry on the legacy of great leaders by supporting youth to engage in meaningful contributions for the community.

  Chantelle Bryce
As a third-year Accounting student, Chantelle is passionate about her involvement in the School of Business community. She has taken on leadership roles in numerous student groups, including the Events portfolio of the Business Students’ Association, the inaugural Alberta International Business Competition, and the Alberta JDC West team. She believes that hard work and motivation produce the best outcomes and her contributions have been recognized through accolades such as the Dean’s Entrance Citation in Business and the Morgan Award in Accounting. Chantelle also loves case competitions and has represented the University of Alberta in several, including JDC West, the Alberta Not-For-Profit Case Competition, and the Royal Roads IUCC. Outside of school, Chantelle is part of the Cooperative Education Program, having completed her first work term as an Internal Audit Associate at the Alberta Motor Association, and is looking forward to her second work term as a Staff Accountant with KPMG. In her free time, Chantelle enjoys planning where she wants to travel next (Southeast Asia!) and watching the Food Network (but not actually cooking). In the future, she hopes to attain her CPA designation and excel in a senior management position doing work that challenges and inspires her.

  Davis Riar
Davis is a fourth-year Marketing major who passionately pursues as many skill development opportunities as possible. Through clear articulation and strong interpersonal communication skills, Davis aspires to a fast-paced career path that fits his extroverted nature. Within the Alberta School of Business, Davis has found ample opportunities to expand his networks and develop his skills. As a member of the 2016 Alberta JDC West team, Davis crossed the stage after achieving third place as a member of the Management Information Systems team. Davis is also the Co-President of the University of Alberta Marketing Association and takes pride in connecting University of Alberta students with the marketing industry. Along with many meaningful experiences during his undergraduate education, Davis has also found gainful employment that has helped him make strides towards being a better leader and marketer. Davis has management experience working in the service industry as well as digital marketing skills, which were developed through his employment in the not-for-profit sector. Outside of the professional world, Davis enjoys focusing his leisure time on personal development such as wellness and strength training. 

  Faustina Banh
Ever since she was young, Faustina developed and challenged her creative side though a love of arts and crafts. Over the years, this creative energy developed into a passion for marketing, which she ultimately chose as her major at the University of Alberta. As a third-year Business student, she successfully balances her education, extracurricular activities and social life. Faustina has participated in several case competitions such as AICC 2014/2015, IBCC 2014, EDGE 2014, and UAMA Snap Case Competition 2015. Faustina is currently a Creative Director for the Business Students' Association, Director of Events for EDGE, and VP Marketing for the inaugural Alberta International Business Competition. When she is not in a meeting or studying, you can find Faustina volunteering at the Campus Food Bank, working out, or catching up with friends. In the future, Faustina aspires to work in a creative and dynamic organization that she is passionate about.

  Garret Rokosh
Garrett is an Accounting student, entrepreneur, school enthusiast and adventure seeker. He likes to surround himself with open-minded people who also value the ‘work hard, play hard’ mentality. Garrett wants to live in a world where every person is healthy in mind and body and has the opportunity to do what makes them happy everyday. In 2015, Garrett was nominated by his peers and given the Commerce Cup Award for his active involvement in extracurricular activities developed to promote student life in the Alberta School of Business. Throughout his time at the University of Alberta, he has been a member of the 5 Days for the Homeless Campaign, the Entrepreneurship Club, and has competed in several case competitions, including Dalhousie University’s Scotiabank Ethics in Action. Outside of school, Garrett has owned an exterior painting company, travelled to South America, and enjoys spending as much of the summer as possible in the Rocky Mountains. Garrett looks forward to traveling to Asia this summer and is excited to grow relationships with his Leadership Cohort.

  Helen Cashman
Helen wants to live in a world where everyone, regardless of circumstances, has access to educational and employment opportunities to reach their full potential. She is a third-year Operations Management student with a minor in Strategic Management and Organization. As a member of the Leadership Certificate Program, Helen enjoys learning about the attributes of exceptional leaders and hearing directly from successful business people about their experiences. Throughout her time at the School of Business, Helen has been involved with the Business Students’ Association, the Rocky Mountain Business Seminar, the Operations Management Club, and JDC West. Helen is passionate about volunteering and serves as the Executive Director of SUNIA, a summer camp for high school students focused on the United Nations, international affairs, and social justice concepts. She is also a competitive Irish and Highland dancer and a volunteer with Girl Guides of Canada. When she is not working late at school, you can find her water skiing at her cottage or talking politics with the friends she made while serving as Head Page at the Alberta Legislature. In the future, Helen is looking forward to applying the skills learned at the Alberta School of Business in the not-for-profit sector. 

  Julia Pratt
Julia wants to live in a world where everyone is given the opportunity to find what they love and pursue it. As a Business Economics and Law student graduating in 2017, she has been honoured to serve on the executive board of Kappa Alpha Theta sorority at the University of Alberta for four years; as part of the sorority, she was also given the opportunity to travel to Chicago with over 100 other sorority members from across North America to learn about women and leadership. When she is not studying, you can find her dancing, scrapbooking or hanging out with her two younger sisters, who are her best friends. Julia is also excited to be part of the Leadership Certificate program and continues to be inspired by her peers and mentors. In the future, Julia plans to attend law school and hopes to eventually practice environmental law. She hopes to help individuals find realistic ways to adopt more sustainable practices and leave the world just a little bit better than we found it!

  Maria Barbu
Maria wants to live in a world where everyone sees the interconnected nature of human beings, the importance of following one’s passions, and the necessity of empowering our peers and working together towards a brighter future. As a third-year Strategic Management and Organization student, Maria has been spotlighted in Lazy Faire magazine for her leadership with the Kids Help Phone Student Committee and her efforts to raise awareness about mental health and wellbeing. When she is not busy with school and extracurricular activities, you can find her exploring the city, practicing her photography, and keeping aware and engaged with personal challenges like #365DaysofHappiness. Her latest project — RealiTEA— hits the airwaves this year; she aims to collaborate with forward-thinking community members in tea-infused chats surrounding a multitude of topics, while featuring the progress on her personal blog. In the future, Maria plans to be a serial entrepreneur with a purposeful and social agenda. Her life’s purpose, as she sees it, is to see the strangeness within the world and humankind's accomplishments; to experience great passion; to amaze and inspire others; and to instigate positive, worldly change throughout the realms of creativity, education and entrepreneurship. Maria plans to align with this purpose in all future endeavours.

  Matt Horbay
Matt is a third-year Strategic Management and Organization major who got his first real taste of leadership as a 14-year old Scout Leader. He has a desire to work in a general management role and is especially interested in strategic analysis and operations. Working as an apprentice plumber on major construction projects during the summer provided Matt a great opportunity to work with a wide range of individuals and experience a challenging work environment. Matt has been involved on the Executive Committee of the Ukrainian Students’ Society at the U of A, plays guitar in a Ukrainian dance band on weekends, and remains active as a Scout Leader. During the summer, Matt especially enjoys being a counsellor at the Scouts’ summer camp. In his free time, he enjoys working out, playing soccer, and snowboarding. Matt believes that experiencing the world firsthand is an important aspect to personal growth and has travelled the globe extensively. His future travel plans include a trip to China with the 2016 U of A China Study Tour. Upon graduation, Matt aspires to work in the construction industry and plans to obtain a PMP designation. And yes, he drives a pick-up truck because he whole-heartedly believes in supporting the local energy sector.

The 2014 Leadership Certificate Cohort

Adam Danyleyko
Adam Danyleyko is a fifth year Bachelor of Commerce student majoring in Human Resource Management with a minor in Natural Resources Energy and the Environment. Throughout his time at the Alberta School of Business, Adam has represented the University of Alberta at many case competitions across Canada, including Royal Roads IUCC 2014, Simon Frasier IMCC 2012, LIVE Business Competition 2012 and JDC West 2013/2014/2015. Adam was Captain of the 2015 Alberta JDC West Team where he is proud to have led the team to their best result in six years and was selected to receive the David Huynh Legacy Award for Executive of the Year. When not at school Adam works as a Human Resource Business Partner for Alberta Energy with the Government of Alberta. He also enjoys traveling as it allows him to experience new cultures.

Ashima Chandan
Ashima wants to live in a world where youth are empowered with opportunities to lead and take initiative. As a fourth year Business Economics and Law student at the University of Alberta, she is active at school and in her community. She has been elected the VP of Youth for the Edmonton-Ellerslie Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta and as the VP of Events for the Bhartiya Cultural Society of Alberta’s Youth Group, also known as YUVA. When she’s not building relationships and creating meaningful change within the community, you can find her exploring the foodie scene of Edmonton. In the future, Ashima plans to make a difference through leadership and dreams of travelling the world to save elephants!

Daniel Roth
Daniel wants to live in a world where each individual is recognized and celebrated for his or her own unique talents and accomplishments. As a third year Business Economics and Law student, he’s honoured to be a member of the Leadership Certificate Program, and looks forward to working with the Cohort to strengthen and advance student leadership at the University of Alberta. When he’s not busy studying in the Winspear Business Library or volunteering with the Business Students’ Association, you can find him travelling with his family and friends or reading up on the latest trends in consumer technology, men’s fashion and interior design. His most recent presentation, “The People Factor”, debuted at the Alberta Student Leadership Summit on January 31, 2015, and his collaborative research paper on the use of online media by Canadian municipalities is expected to be published within the year. In the future, Daniel plans to attend law school, with the intent to eventually practice corporate law on an international scale. He also hopes to live somewhere a tad warmer than Edmonton.

Ilhaam Jiwaji
Ilhaam wants to live in a world where anything is possible if you work hard enough for it. As a third year Business student with a Marketing major and Operations Management minor, she is active at school and has been a past member of the 5 Days for the Homeless Campaign team, raising over $60,000 for Youth Empowerment Support Services. Ilhaam is currently the VP Public Relations for the Rocky Mountain Business Seminar and Graduation Chair for the Business Students’ Association. When she’s not at school or in a meeting, you can find her reading anything written by J.K. Rowling, cooking or making travel plans. As a regular contributor to Lazy-Faire magazine, her articles hit the shelves on the first Wednesday of every month in the Alberta School of Business. In the future, Ilhaam plans to work in a fast-paced industry like publishing or leading marketing-communications for an organization she is passionate about.

Jason Qian Yu
Jason’s vision is to achieve the seemingly insurmountable and his ideal world is one filled with ongoing opportunities. As a Bachelor of Commerce student majoring in Finance and minoring in Strategic Management and Organization, Jason’s anticipated graduation date is April 2016. Within the student community he has earned his status as a respected leader through active tutoring and participating in case competitions. Outside of school, Jason is an innovative entrepreneur, having owned small businesses within the real estate, clothing and jewellery sectors. His most recent start-up venture operates its smartphone application platform “AiChi” to offer convenient food delivery services to the Edmonton area. In his free time, you can find Jason enjoying his appreciation for music or playing billiards with his friends. In the future Jason wishes to pursue a career in either the financial or consulting sectors and to fulfill his desire towards a challenging and inspiring lifestyle.

Katie Turner
Katie is a marketing major who loves to be creative with everything she does, in school and out. As a fourth year Business student, she’s a master of management in everything she does; her roles have included being the director of a children’s summer camp where she manages 25 staff and hundreds of kids as well as being an executive member on the Alberta JDC West team, managing a team of 50 students. When she’s not planning for JDC West or an upcoming event for the marketing association, you can find her attending comedy shows or working towards her goal of running a half marathon. Katie’s ideal day is one filled with skiing, biking or hiking in beautiful, outdoor settings followed by an evening with her closest friends and family playing a couple wild rounds of her favourite board games. Her next big step will be a summer abroad, spending a month in Marseille, France learning about event management. In the future, Katie would love to own her own environmentally focused company or - if for some reason business doesn’t work out - become the next SNL leading lady.

Lauren Lojczyc
Lauren would like to live in a world where we all learn to appreciate the little things in life - to focus on the moment and how far we have come, instead of focusing on how far we have to go. As an accounting student, Lauren is currently doing her first co-op term with Ernst & Young, but she also had the opportunity to study business law and Spanish culture while studying abroad in Pamplona, Spain at the Universidad de Navarra. When Lauren is not working or studying, you can find her spending time with the people who mean the most to her, enjoying the outdoors, telling jokes, dancing or hitting the slopes. She has always had a creative side and loves performing, marketing and photography. As an avid dancer, Lauren completed all of her Royal Academy of Dance examinations with Distinction and taught dance to young students throughout high school. She has a passion for giving back to the community and has organized and participated in various fund-raising events, including the 30-hour famine. In the future, Lauren plans to be an entrepreneur and apply what she has learned from marketing her family’s small business and her time here at the Alberta School of Business.

Lindsay Cox
Lindsay wants to live in a world where people are not afraid to break into a full musical number. As a third year marketing major, she has been applauded as a member of the 2015 Alberta JDC West Marketing team, bringing home second place from Victoria. Lindsay has also been honoured to receive the Alberta School of Business “Commerce Cup,” an award given to a first year student who is actively involved within the school and positively develops student life. In a recent marketing research project for the Saville Community Sports Centre, Lindsay was part of a student team that facilitated surveys and wrote a comprehensive research report, providing recommendations to allow the organization to better serve its current users. When she is not participating in the latest case competition, you could find her slalom water skiing at her favorite place in the world: her cabin in Kenora, Ontario. As far as the future goes, Lindsay plans to see as much of the world as possible, all while being a successful woman in business.

Mack Carson
Mackenzie’s background is atypical of many School of Business students, having worked as plumber/pipefitter in the Alberta trades, raced as a cyclist for Team Canada at an international level, and backpacked various regions of the world intermittently before beginning his studies at the University of Alberta. By studying Finance and Entrepreneurship streams, he is aiming to have a dynamic and engaging life in the real estate industry and become a successful entrepreneur. He is currently involved on campus as VP Operations for the Financial Literacy Club, a tutor for Finance 301 and has recently been working on a start-up venture through eHUB, UAlberta’s student start-up incubator. Away from campus, you can find Mackenzie cycling, watching movies and enjoying the Rockies where he loves to backpack, climb and snowboard. He is thrilled to be a part of the Leadership Certificate Program and hopes to develop his skills for business ownership in the future.

Marvin Ngambage
Marvin aspires to live in a world where equal opportunity is accessible to all regardless of their background and personal interests. As a Business student majoring in Natural Resources, Marvin is passionate about giving back to his community. He’s been involved as a volunteer and youth leader with various organizations including the Red Cross and the African Centre of Excellence (ACE), which promotes the value of post-secondary education to African youth. In addition to his volunteer activities, Marvin is part of the Cooperative Education Program and plans to graduate in the spring of 2017. In his free time, you’ll most likely find Marvin enjoying the day with his loved ones either at home or attending a particular event in the city. His aspirations include working in the energy industry where he hopes to startup his own energy usage consulting company.

Oksana Liva
Oksana wants to live in an empathetic world where everyone is understood and no one is judged. She is passionate about people and how they interact both inside and outside of the workplace, which led her to the Strategic Management and Organization major at the School of Business. Oksana has also applied this passion to various volunteer endeavours throughout her degree; most recently she enjoyed worked with the Alberta Energy Challenge as a Team Ambassador. When she is not studying, you can find Oksana dining in various ethnic restaurants around Edmonton experiencing the many tastes that different cultures have to offer. In the future, Oksana hopes to reach her goal of celebrating her 106th birthday so that she can say she lived through three centuries.

Robyn Paches
Robyn is an ambitious individual who is interested in pursuing new opportunities in Alberta’s dynamic business climate. In addition to being enrolled in the Operations Management stream at the Alberta School of Business, Robyn has a wide array of professional and volunteer experience. While employed at TransCanada Pipelines, he held roles in emergency management, environmental management and safety inspection programs and is extremely proud of his volunteer experience as a member of the Colinton Fire/Rescue team, situated near his hometown of Athabasca. His student body involvement has included roles such as director in the Business Students’ Association, VP External for the Alberta Energy Challenge and Treasurer of the U of A Ski & Snowboard Club, which complements his passion for skiing. As well as skiing, Robyn enjoys cycling and escaping the rush of city life to relax in the outdoors with friends and family. By combining his diverse experience, growing network of connections, and drive for success, Robyn hopes to become an exceptional business leader.


The 2013 Leadership Certificate Cohort

Angus Van Weelden
Angus is a Marketing major who does not say 'No' to many opportunities. His entrepreneurial spirit has led him to start his own marketing service company, Engagement Management Consultants, specializing in social media strategy, implementation, and analytics. What started out as a small contract for a local nightclub has led to contracts with advertising agencies, retail stores, and the municipal and provincial government. The adventure of managing a start-up company while continuing full time studies and his involvement with numerous student groups has been an exciting challenge for him. His most exciting on campus involvement is being an executive member of the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity, in which he has held a number of offices. In his off time Angus dreams big and travels hard. Ask him and he is always excited to share his stories of his past travel adventures or tell you about his next big dream.
Brittany Bryce
Brittany is currently majoring in Human Resource Management at the Alberta School of Business and expects to graduate in April 2015. She firmly believes that "if you want to be incredible, surround yourself with incredible people" and was drawn to the Leadership Certificate program for that very reason. Brittany strives for results-oriented and value-driven leadership based on genuine connections with other individuals, and is grateful for the many opportunities she has experienced throughout her undergraduate studies. Currently, she is an executive member of the Rocky Mountain Business Seminar, which organizes the largest and longest-running student led business conference in Canada. She is also a Student Ambassador for the School of Business and recently completed the Cooperative Education Program. Previously, Brittany attended the inaugural Network of Empowered Women Conference, volunteered for JDC West, joined the Business Students' Association Academic portfolio, and was a director on the Next Generation Leadership Club. Her love of travel led her to study abroad for a semester in Cortona, Italy and she hopes to continue travelling after graduation while obtaining an MBA and eventually joining a start-up business in an HR/Operations role.
Cassian Soltykevych
Cassian is an Entrepreneurship and Family Enterprise major who spends much of his spare time volunteering both on and off campus. He serves as the VP of the Ukrainian Students' Society, Media Director for the Ukrainian Canadian Students' Union, Media Director for the Business Students' Association, and the VP Public Relations for the EDGE Business Competition. He is also a self-employed photographer and videographer, and has travelled across Canada, France, England, and Ukraine for various projects. As well, he is currently the videography intern at YOUCAN Youth Services in Edmonton. Cassian joined the Leadership Certificate Program to learn from other students about how they are able to achieve success through their volunteer and extracurricular activities. Through guest speakers and networking events, Cassian has acquired a great deal of knowledge about business start-ups, as well as the interchangeability of leadership skills across different business disciplines.

Dan Park
Dan can be described in three words: Passionate, Reliable, and Connected. When he leaves a room, his peers will describe him in those three words. He is passionate in everything he does and gives more than 100% in any task he is given. He is also reliable in any setting; if there is a project or a deadline he will make sure it gets done. Lastly, he is connected. He loves to network and meet new people. One of his strongest traits is creating new relationship with people he has never met. All three of these attributes can be tied together into one important trait that Dan has and is continuously learning about: Leadership. As a leader you must be passionate, reliable, and connected. This is one of the many reasons Dan decided to apply to the Leadership Certificate Program. In this program "we learn about different types of leadership and how to be a successful leader in all kinds of settings." To Dan, the Leadership Program is more than just a class; it's an experience and an opportunity for the future. He has already learnt so much about leadership through class discussions with his peers since everyone in the cohort comes from a unique background with different experience in leadership.

Ellis Lloyd
Ellis is an Accounting major, graduating in 2015. He is thrilled to be part of the Leadership Certificate Program and is excited by the opportunities to grow, be challenged, and learn from many notable leaders through the program. Ellis was born in England and spent 10 years living there before immigrating to Canada with his family in 2004; he is proud to consider both Britain and Canada his homes. Ellis has exemplified his leadership ability by holding the position of Competition Director in the BSA and contributing to student learning through being a teaching assistant. He also learned a great deal about leadership by captaining his high school rugby team. Ellis intends to obtain a CPA designation upon graduation and will be working as a staff accountant at KPMG over the summer. Outside school, Ellis is an active member of his church, contributing to youth programs and playing bass in the church band. He has an interest in wine, and works at a specialty wine store where he often leads wine tastings. In his spare time Ellis enjoys skiing, playing golf, cooking and traveling. Ellis aspires to work in the commercial aviation industry in a leadership role.
Kate Farlinger
A proud member of the Alberta School of Business, Kate is a current Marketing student and is scheduled to graduate in 2016. She currently holds the position of Vice President of Internal Affairs for the University Marketing Association and actively participates in many of the extracurricular activities the business school has to offer. In her first year at the Alberta School of Business she held the positions of Cohort Captain for the BSA and Director of Public Relations for the Marketing Association. She set out to master both case competitions as well as marketing competitions, and her experience took her across Canada - from Vancouver for the Intercollegiate Marketing Case Competition to Toronto where she placed among the Top 10 in Canada for both Nestea: The Recruit and Canada's Next Top Ad Exec with her partners. As a result of the competition, she was granted the opportunity to intern for General Motors Canada.
Kate's passion for the Alberta School of Business coupled with her desire to meet driven, like-minded students is ultimately what urged her to apply for the Leadership Certificate Program, and the value provided in terms of leadership training, key business connections, and speaker insights have been a great advantage in her involvement in the School of Business.

Katie Choi
Katie is a pursuing her Bilingual Bachelor of Commerce Co-operative Education, majoring in Natural Resources Energy and Environment. As a bilingual student, she is involved in various activities with the Alberta School of Business, Campus Saint-Jean, and in her community. In addition to her role as the Director of Public Relations for EDGE, Katie is the Academic Vice-President for the Bilingual Commerce Club, a youth group teacher, and a volunteer for the University of Alberta Office of Sustainability. She is thankful for the insightful learning experience and the meaningful relationships developed through the Leadership Certificate Program. Outside of school, Katie enjoys traveling, running, and reading current events. Upon graduation in 2015, she plans to work for a few years before applying to a Masters Program with a specialization in energy and sustainable development.

Katie Murray
Katie's business degree has a major focus on Strategic Management and Organization, with a minor in Finance. Katie is proud to have moved from Calgary to attend the University of Alberta and currently enjoys living independently, away from home. She was recently involved in the planning of the BSA's Winter Gala as Decorations Coordinator, and hopes to take on more event planning projects in the future. She also enjoys having an impact in the lives of at-risk youth during her participation in the university's USchool Program. Katie has worked in a variety of industries in the past; from cancer care, to working with seniors, and most recently completing a management internship with Enterprise Rent-A-Car. Katie hopes to put her passion for overseeing projects and coordinating the many elements of a final product to use while pursuing a career in project management. Katie is extremely happy to be part of the Leadership Certificate Program, and looks forward to the many opportunities the program promises to offer.

Katie Strocel
Katie strongly believes that "leadership is something you develop through hands-on experience and open discussion" which is why she applied to the Leadership Certificate Program. Through this program, Katie has found a sense of community where she is learning about the importance of becoming a well-rounded leader not only from the opportunities and teachings of the program, but from her fellow peers who come from a wide variety of business backgrounds. Growing up in a military family, Katie has developed the ability to adapt to new surroundings with confidence and ease. A unique experience that she will always cherish as it has shaped her into the person she is today. This ability has now grown into a desire to explore every corner of the world in order to learn more about different cultures, beliefs, and customs. Before beginning her Bachelor of Commerce in International Business, she travelled to 20 countries on 5 continents, which has only strengthened her desire to discover new places. Katie's future aspirations are to become a representative of Canada on global level so that she may contribute to the development of her country for future generations.

Laura Perram
Laura is a Finance major and is expecting to graduate in the winter of 2015. She is an active part of the Cooperative Education Program and a proud member of the Leadership Certificate Program. Laura applied to the program because she felt that in a faculty so full of clubs and programs, it is easy to get lost. The Leadership Program spoke to her and she really felt that leadership is something she can get passionate about and is something that could significantly help her in the future. Laura believes that the leadership skills, the personal connections, and the valuable life lessons learned in this program will help her develop a strong career in the field of finance and also aid her extensive efforts with her charity work. In 2013 Laura was the Honoured Hero for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. She is still currently on the board with this organization and it is very close to her heart. Laura also enjoys reading, working out, and team activities.

Marko Laschuk
Marko is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Accounting with aims to graduate in the spring of 2015. He is an active member in the Alberta School of Business; often taking part in case competitions and planning events through the Business Students Association of which he is the VP of External Affairs. Along with his team of directors, he has created partnerships with many different corporations in Alberta, ultimately connecting students with potential future employment opportunities at networking events. Marko is the captain of the University of Alberta Golden Bears varsity tennis team and a representative on the University Athletics Board. Marko applied to the Leadership Certificate Program to collaborate with a group of exceptional students who have come from different backgrounds but share the similar drive of wanting to make a difference in the community around them. Marko enjoys working with this unique cohort of students and would recommend this opportunity to any student who would like to develop their leadership skills.

Rachel Lee
Rachel is currently majoring in Accounting and minoring in Philosophy with a plan to graduate from the Alberta School of Business in 2015. She is involved in diverse extracurricular activities, most notably as the Editor in Chief of Lazy Faire, Faculty of Business magazine. She works passionately to increase the readership and circulation of useful information to the business students. She has introduced new articles such as External Relations, which focuses on connecting students with established business leaders such as the Dean of Business, and CEOs/Executives of various companies. Her other commitments include Director of Corporate Relations for AIESEC, VP Communications for CESA, and Teaching Assistant for Management Science. She is also working at PwC, as part of the Cooperative Education Program. The leadership certificate is extremely valuable to Rachel since it allows her to learn and apply leadership skills that are directly relevant to the extracurricular activities she is involved in. She tries her best to experience as many things as possible, since "To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all." (Oscar Wilde)

Ralph Sadowski
Ralph is expected to graduate in April of 2015 with a major in Finance and minor in Business Economics and Law. Facilitated by roles as team captain and accomplishments as a top tier soccer player, he prides himself in effective teamwork, leadership, and self-motivation. Soon after entering the Alberta School of Business, Ralph became the Sponsorship Director for the Business Students' Association. After recognizing how to tie schooling back to extracurricular involvement, he discovered a passion for leading that is driven by challenging the status quo, and adding value to every situation. This resulted in his involvement with a nationally registered charitable organization known as GEOMEER, which has experienced tremendous growth in just four years, raising over $800,000 to help families in need. Acting as Project Manager, Ralph was integral in expanding the Helping Hampers campaign Alberta-wide in 2013. His dream job is to manage a top level sporting organization but for now will follow his interest in the ever-evolving energy industry.

Sagar Memon
Sagar is in his second last year of his Bilingual Bachelor of Commerce with a Leadership Certificate and a major in Business Economics and Law. Upon graduating, he hopes to pursue a JD/MBA in law school. During his time at the School of Business, Sagar has become involved with the Business Students' Association, the teaching of Business 201 and various competitions. He also enjoys giving back to the community and is currently on the board for a not-for-profit organization called the Youth Restorative Action Project working with youth in the legal system. Sagar is very excited to be in the Leadership program and hopes to work with the rest of the leadership students to give back to the School of Business, other faculties at the University of Alberta, and other schools in the city.

Spencer Coulter
Spencer is a Finance major with an Arts Economics minor and intends to graduate in April 2015. During his time in the Alberta School of Business he has had the opportunity to work with several different clubs including 5 Days for the Homeless, the Rocky Mountain Business Seminar, and the Business Students Association. With each of these clubs he held very different positions, which has allowed him to develop skills such as management of finances, logistical planning, and public relations. Spencer immensely enjoyed the opportunities he had to work with students at the University of Alberta and at Rutherford Elementary School as a tutor for a variety of subjects. He also helped to organize and run a mentorship program offered through the River Valley Junior Golf Program in Edmonton. Spencer is very excited to be part of the Leadership Certificate Program, as he believes that it will help him to be a more conscientious and decisive leader now and in the future.

Tsega MacDonald
Tsega is a Business Economics and Business Law student at the Alberta School of Business. Her international childhood in Ethiopia, Africa, coupled with moving to Canada as a primary student, gave her the ability to connect with people in her community. Community has taught Tsega language, relationships, and a love of people. Tsega has been extensively involved in her Edmonton and international community through her active participation in Rotary International and the Northern Alberta YMCA. Her involvement includes: building a sister school in Belize, building the Jamie Platz Swim Club as a Coach, and mentoring youth in the Leaders In Training Program. Her involvement globally and in her community has inspired her motto to "Go boldly in the direction where you find passion." Tsega has completed an internship at the London Drugs Head office in Vancouver and is currently on a Co-op term at Edmonton Economic Development Corporation focusing on northern Alberta development. Tsega has seen how a country runs without social programs, sustainable economic policy, and most importantly democracy, and because of this, her future aspiration is to work in international economic development.

The 2012 Leadership Certificate Cohort

Aidan Aidan McColl
Aidan is a 3rd year student majoring in Finance at the Alberta School of Business. During his time, he has strived to be highly involved with the school's activities. His roles have ranged from volunteering within student clubs to organize events and promote student involvement, to competing at various business competitions such as JDC West in Vancouver and RRUIUCC in Victoria, to teaching and grading for the courses BUS 201 and OM 352. Aidan hopes to be spending his summer interning in Germany, which will be a nice change of pace from previous construction work. As for the future, Aidan hopes to either work in the consulting field or pursue an interest in entrepreneurship. For now, however, he likes to ski, meet new family, and spend time with friends. 

Cara Cara Noble
Cara is a third year Accounting student at the School of Business. Growing up on a farm in northern Alberta, she holds the agricultural community close to heart and stays connected through her involvement in Ceres Alberta Women's Fraternity, the Agriculture Club, and the Multi-Species Judging Club. She currently holds the position of Alumni Relations Officer with Ceres Alberta and is finishing up her term as VP Academic of the Agriculture Club. Recently, Cara was elected as one three directors for Bar None 2013, a student-run cabaret that promotes agricultural awareness across campus through a week of events and also raises money for STARS Air Ambulance. Cara is currently on a co-op term at Hahn & Houle Chartered Accountants, and hopes to one day have her own accounting firm while running her own farm.
Charlotte Charlotte Chan
Charlotte Chan is currently in her second year of business with a major in SMO and minor in Accounting. She is currently involved with being VP Academic for the University of Alberta Marketing Association as well as being an associate external for Rocky Mountain Business Seminar. She has had diverse work and internship opportunities ranging from being an intern for the Government of Alberta to working in New York. She enjoys skiing, pilates, and tanning. She hopes to end up teaching and consulting women's businesses in Africa, as well as micro-financing.

Curtis Curtis Boulanger
Curtis is in his third year of university, majoring in Finance and minoring in Economics. During his time at the Alberta School of Business, Curtis has participated in TASTE and RMBS, placed 1st in the Dean's Business Plan Competition, and is now an Energy Analyst in the Program for Research and Investment Management Excellence (PRIME) fund managing $1.3 million. He is very excited to be a part of the Bachelor of Commerce Leadership Certificate program to develop his leadership potential and build personal relationships with a bright, talented, and extraordinary group of people. In his spare time he enjoys investing, reading, volunteering, rock-climbing, listening to music, and travelling.

Derrick Derrick Voogd
Derrick is a fourth year business student pursuing a major in Accounting. Along with being a proud student of the newly created Leadership Certificate Program, Derrick is a registered apprentice in Alberta within the electrical trade, and is currently working towards becoming a third year apprentice. Coinciding with his degree, Derrick has attended two periods of technical training from NAIT within the electrical field. Outside of educational ties, Derrick enjoys volunteering for the Edmonton Fish and Game Association as well as the Safari Club International to promote wildlife conservation. Derrick is looking forward to when he can proudly say he is an Alberta School of Business alumnus.

Landon Landon Bucholz
Landon Bucholz is currently a third year Accounting major at the Alberta School of Business. Enrolled in the Cooperative Education Program, Landon completed an eight-month co-op term at Deloitte and is actively pursuing a CPA designation upon graduation. In 2012 Landon won the Canadian Junior Curling Championship, earning the honour of being Team Canada for the 2012 World Junior Curling Championship in Ostersund Sweden. There, Landon went on to successively win the Gold medal and became a World Junior Curling Champion. As a member of Team Canada, Landon was awarded the 2012 Alberta Junior Team of the Year by the Alberta Sport, Recreation, Parks & Wildlife Foundation. Throughout the school year Landon trains as an athlete on the University of Alberta Curling Team at the National Training Centre. Outside of university and sport, Landon is involved in the accounting division of GEOMEER, a nationally registered charitable organization, and in his spare time enjoys golfing and alpine skiing with his friends and twin brother.
Maryam Mariam Elamy
Mariam Elamy is in her fourth year at the Alberta School of Business, pursuing a major in Human Resources and a minor in Business Law. She is a proud member of the Leadership Certificate Program and is actively involved in her community. As a member of the Cooperative Education Program, Mariam hopes to gain fundamental work skills while applying her school experience in order to become a successful candidate in the future. Upon graduation Mariam wants to experience the beauty in various cultures and hopes to travel the world before securing a designation. Throughout her volunteering endeavours, Mariam has discovered that she wants to do more and hopes to create a foundation to help disadvantaged children in the near future. In her spare time, Mariam loves everything from a good adventure to learning how to play a musical instrument. She has an outgoing personality, and almost always has a smile on her face!
Nisha Nisha Patel
Nisha Patel is in her third year of Business, Economics, and Law with a much-enjoyed minor in Political Science. She is an avid competitive debater, having captained the Alberta JDC West Business Debate team for two years and competed at I.C.B.C. 2013. Nisha has debated successfully at over 15 tournaments across Canada, including the Western Canadian Championships and National Championships three years in a row. She intends to debate at the World Championships come next winter in Chennai, India. Currently the two-time Vice-President Western for the Canadian University Society for Intercollegiate Debate, and the sitting President of the University of Alberta Debate Society, she believes strongly in the empowering effect of ideas and critical thinking. She has an ongoing love affair with public speaking and intends to use it to enter the political fray - but will settle on a JD, an MBA, or an MPP for the near future.
Adrian Adrian Warchola
Adrian Warchola is a third year International Business major with a minor in Marketing. Adrian is currently involved with the University of Alberta Marketing Association (UAMA) as Vice-President Finance, and has recently assumed the position of Vice-President Communications with the Alberta Energy Challenge. In addition, he is a member of the School of Business Student Ambassador team and enjoys engaging current and prospective business students, alumni as well as leaders in the business community. Outside of the business faculty, Adrian is strongly involved in the Ukrainian community at the local and national levels. He sits on several councils and boards, including the UAlberta Ukrainian Students' Society and the National Ukrainian-Canadian Students' Union. In his spare time he enjoys playing music in his dance band, travelling, and enjoying Alberta's Rocky Mountains.

Sameer Sameer Dhar
Sameer is in third year majoring in Finance and minoring in Political Science. In 2011, Sameer was named one of Canada's Top 20 Under 20 young leaders for his role in co-founding GEOMEER, a nationally-registered charitable organization that has raised over $460,000 since inception towards local poverty efforts. In the summer of 2011, at the invitation of the Right Honorable David Johnston, Governor General of Canada, Sameer had the opportunity to attend a reception in Ottawa with the Royal Couple and Prime Minister. In 2012, he was named one of Edmonton's 2012 Sizzling 20 Under 30. Sameer is currently a part-time intern with Alberta Investment Management Corporation (AIMCo); last summer, he worked in Toronto at Clairvest, a well-established private equity firm, and he is excited to be working at Morgan Stanley over the coming summer in investment banking. While in high school, Sameer earned honours with distinction in academics, won 5 city championships in swimming, and received numerous major awards including the Most Outstanding Male Award and the Alberta Premier's Citizenship Award.

Harry Harry Hothi
Harry Hothi is a 3rd year marketing major at the Alberta School of Business. He is passionate about getting involved within the school, which is showcased by his involvement with the Business Students Association, JDC West and numerous case competitions. Recently, Harry was elected as the 2013/2014 VP Marketing for the Business Students Association, an accomplishment he is very proud of. On top of this Harry and his partner were named the #1 Campus Account Managers in Canada for promoting the largest marketing competition in the country, Canada's Next Top Ad Exec. Outside of school, Harry works as a Campus Kokanee Representative, and during the summer he worked for Pepsico Canada as a Route Sales Representative. He hopes to be working in Germany this summer, strengthening and applying his marketing skills that he's developed through his involvement in school and work. Upon graduation, his vision is to work with an international company outside Canada, obtain a graduate degree in the United States and come back to Canada to work has a Brand Manager or to start up his own company. Putting that all aside, Harry enjoys playing sports such as hockey and volleyball, hanging out with friends, watching movies, and travelling.
Lauren Lauren Briske
Lauren is a fourth year Bachelor of Commerce student with an Accounting major and Strategic Management and Organization minor. She is an active contributor to student life at the Alberta School of Business and was a recipient of the 2013 Citizenship Cup, as appointed by the Business Students' Association and faculty members for outstanding contributions to the School. For the 2012/2013 academic year she was the Chairperson of the 48th Annual Rocky Mountain Business Seminar and the Vice President Logistics & Co-Founder of the 1st Annual Network of Empowered Women Conference. She has completed her Cooperative Education Program at Ernst & Young and plans on obtaining her CPA designation upon graduation. Lauren attributes many of her leadership qualities to her years playing minor hockey. In Lauren's third year of Midget AAA, her team competed at the National level. In her spare time, Lauren likes to be active through sports, try out new restaurants, and stay engaged with new and exciting initiatives in the Edmonton business community.