*3 BUS 301 Business Communications

This is a practical skill development course open to students of all majors in any year of a Business program. Good communication in Business matters. This course will help develop writing confidence and strategies for professional business applications. The focus is on hands-on guided practice and uses business scenarios to emphasize technical and persuasive writing as well as an understanding of the skills required to begin a successful business career. In addition students will develop a strong resume, cover letter and a personal brand.

Additional information about the special section: The section devoted to the Leadership Certificate students will have a greater weight placed on verbal communications, presentation skills, understanding body language, persuasive skills and understanding a personal style of communications. Guest speakers may overlap with some speakers from the other section, but will consist largely of community leaders with superior communication skills who exemplify the Leader ad Communicator.


*3 SMO 402 Management Skills for Supervisors and Leaders

The purpose of this course is to increase understanding of leadership roles and skill in exercising those roles. The section devoted to the Leadership Certificate students will concentrate on the theoretical bases of leadership and leadership studies, and how those apply to the real world environment of the 21st Century leadership. Guest speakers will be brought in to discuss how they put leadership principles into practice. Pre-requisite: SMO 310 or 301. Open to third- and fourth-year students.


*3 SMO 470 Leadership Lecture Series

This course will provide students with an opportunity to hear leaders speak in a small group setting. Speakers will be leaders in academic life, business, military, professions, government, and the volunteer, cultural and non-profit communities as examples. Leadership in all areas of the life will be explored. The lecture series will also all the School to organized and offer innovative learning experiences for the students that will enhance the cohort "esprit de corps" and learning.

The Leadership Lecture Series will give students an opportunity to have first hand and intimate contact with leaders from various areas. This will happen in a small group setting that facilitates conversation rather than lecturing.


*3 SMO 471 Leadership Seminar Course

This course is designed as an intensive examination of the role of the leader in an organization, the tasks and responsibilities of the leader, the dynamic processes in any organization, and developing leadership skills.

This course is intended to function as a capstone experience in leadership where students draw together the threads of what they have been experiencing.