Student Ambassadors 2010/2011

Matthew Crowley
Matthew Crowley is a third year student at the University of Alberta currently majoring in Strategic Management and Organization. More than anything, he enjoys working with others and inspiring them to go after their goals. He is currently directing Community Involvement for the University of Alberta Yoga Collective, the Student Ambassador Program, as well as leadership roles within his cohort. He enjoys travelling and spent the last year in a broad six-month tour of Western, Southern, and Eastern Europe. He hopes to participate in a study exchange next year at Polytechnic University in Hong Kong.
Darren Liviniuk
Darren Liviniuk, an Accounting Major, is in his final year at the Alberta School of Business. He is an active representative of the University of Alberta, as President of the Accounting Club, as Captain of the JDC West Taxation Team, as a Student Ambassador, and as the Business Blogger for the Registrar’s office. Darren attended the Deloitte National Leadership Conference in 2009 and will join the firm’s Edmonton office in 2011. In his spare time, Darren is an avid reader and a dismal golfer.
Michelle Bonot
Michelle Bonot is in her fourth year of Commerce, finishing up with a major in Human Resources Management and a minor in Operations Management. She enjoys being involved with the School and has been an executive with the Human Resource Management Association (UAHRMA) for the past three years. When she is not busy planning events or working on her SMO and MGSTC assignments, she enjoys running, and is training for her first race this fall. She looks forward to working with the savvy External Relations and Alumni teams, and the other student ambassadors.
Leaticia Kaggwa
Leaticia Kaggwa is finishing her last semester as a Business Economics and Law major. She enjoys being involved in the School of Business by volunteering for groups such as the Rocky Mountain Business Seminar and the Business Students Association. For the last couple of years, she competed on the JDC West Debate team and is currently on the organizing committees for the Alberta Energy Challenge and EDGE Business Competition. Outside of school, Leaticia loves snowboarding and playing piano.
Stepheny Chai
Stepheny Chai is a third year Accounting major at the University of Alberta. After graduation she plans to obtain her CA. Currently, Stepheny is involved with SHINE, a student group based out of the University of Alberta that assists local non-profit organizations in reducing poverty in Edmonton. Outside of school, she loves snowboarding, yoga, and swimming. In fact, she is quite adept at snowboarding to the surprise of many. Stepheny's biggest regret is that she has not done enough traveling, and therefore would love to experience destinations such as Europe in the near future.
Kristi Lewis
Kristi Lewis is a fourth year student at the Alberta School of Business with a major in Marketing and a minor in Operations Management. She recently completed a marketing internship in Winnipeg offered through the School of Retailing. Coincidentally, her academic career will take her back to Winnipeg in January to compete in the Manitoba International Marketing Competition. Kristi keeps active by working out and playing intramural volleyball on both mixed and women’s teams at the U of A. She has performed at Disney World, Sea World, and on a Caribbean cruise ship, giving her the opportunity to combine her love of travel and dance.
Stéphane Erickson
Stéphane Erickson is in his third year of university, pursuing his Bilingual Bachelor of Commerce degree with a major in Latin American Studies and a minor in Business Economics and Law. Stéphane is currently president of the Club de commerce bilingue. Aside from studies, Stéphane loves traveling. He has been to Europe, Nicaragua, and Vietnam on school trips. Last summer, Stéphane worked abroad at the Canadian Consulate in Guadalajara, Mexico for the Departments of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, where he worked in English, Spanish, and French. Next semester, Stéphane is studying abroad at the Universidad de Chile in Santiago, Chile. Later, he hopes to study International Law in French in Eastern Canada.
Marihan Kamar
Marihan Kamar holds a previous degree in Economics and has decided to complement it with an after degree in Business. She has previously been involved with the Campus Food Bank and the Faculty of Arts Academic Appeals committee. She is currently in her third year of accounting and is excited about getting involved with the Student Ambassador program, and hopes to get involved with and attend more Business Student Association events. In her spare time she loves to write and read books related to social and political issues overseas.
Hinz Chan
Hinz Chan is a fourth-year student majoring in Business Economics and Law at the University of Alberta. He enjoys being involved in his community and his school. He currently volunteers at the Canadian Diabetes Association. Outside of school, Hinz enjoys travelling the world and playing hockey.
Brett Miller
Brett Miller is a fourth year student majoring in marketing, and volunteering with the 2011 Rocky Mountain Business Seminar, in the Public Relations portfolio. Over the summer, alongside planning RMBS, he took a position with MolsonCoors Canada. He enjoys playing various sports including hockey, golf, tennis, and squash. When not working or playing sports, he can be found listening to a wide range of music, hanging with his friends and most likely enjoying a cold beverage. In the future Brett would like to travel and see all the hidden treasures of the world.
Kevin Forbes
Kevin Forbes is in his final year of a degree in Marketing. He is a native of the City of Edmonton, annually yearning for another long cold winter. He has a passion for the Alberta School of Business and University of Alberta, volunteering his time as a student ambassador and annually welcoming new students to the University with his work at orientation. In addition to the time he spends volunteering at school, Kevin likes to give back to his community as production manager and regular performer for RadForMak productions, a not-for-profit theatre troupe. He has taken advantage through his time as a student and attempted to build a well rounded education. With his focus centred within Marketing he has also found time (and credits) to explore a second language, high-level English, performance arts, as well as an background in the sciences. His spare time is spent golfing.
Jenny Albers
Jenny Albers is a third-year Management and Organization major, with a minor in Marketing, and a certificate in Community-Service Learning. She hopes to work with non-profits in the area of international development. Jenny has volunteered in Peru and has been involved for many years with various non-profits in Edmonton. She is currently, interning with Skills Society, volunteering with ACT Alberta, serving on the executive of the Edmonton Highland Dancing Association, and the co-local leader of the Millennium Network. Furthermore, she works as a highland dance teacher, swim instructor, and lifeguard. Jenny enjoys traveling, making crafts, and taking breakdancing classes.
Jennifer Minchau
Jennifer Minchau in in her fifth and final year of university, graduating with an International Business major. She has been on exchange twice, and is currently the president of the Business Exchange Association. She's interested in travel and foreign culture, and would encourage anyone and everyone to spend a semester abroad to learn more about the world, and more about yourself. This is her second year as a student ambassador, and says she's been incredibly lucky to attend some of the wonderful events that the school puts on.
Kimberley Menard
Kimberley Menard is a third-year student at the Alberta School of Business. She is the Director of Corporate Relations for the Business Students’ Association, the Edmonton Local Chair of the Five Days for the Homeless Campaign, and Dean’s Ambassador. Kimberley has worked in the banking industry for the last five years in various departments and positions, and hopes to advance in this industry upon graduation. Eventually, she would like to pursue her MBA. In her spare time, she enjoys coaching youth soccer in Sherwood Park and snowboarding.
Vinicio Bazzaglia
Tiffany Che
Gurshan (Chris) Dhillon
Amanda Goss
Ken Han Lee
Linda Lu
Melissa Michalyk
Suzie Shoemaker
Rowan Winchester
Carly Zapernick
Jenny Albers
Jenny Albers