Bachelor of Commerce (BCom)

Funding Opportunities

There are numerous sources of funding available to students in the Alberta School of Business to support individual and student group activity. Some funds are more restricted than others in terms of what they will support, so students are urged to read the terms of reference for each funding source carefully to see what will be supported. Students who apply to one or more of these funds may be considered for any funding for which they are eligible.

If you are seeking funding on behalf of a Student Club, you must submit an updated executive list by filling out this Google Form. 

BAC - Be A Champion Fund

This fund consists of money that has been raised by the Business Advisory Council and others. Funding is provided by the Business Advisory Council, Alberta School of Business faculty, staff and friends. This fund is directed towards providing support for events and activities which are in line with the strategic direction of the Alberta School of Business as determined by the Business Advisory Council and the Dean of the Alberta School of Business. It is meant for the support of signature and flagship events that provide a local, national or international showplace for the talents of Business students, as well as funding innovative or entrepreneurial initiatives by undergraduate Business students. To request funding for 2019/2020, please submit your proposal to the attention of the Associate Dean, Undergraduate Programs at  Please indicate BAC 2019/20 Request in the subject line of your email.

Undergraduate Program Office Funding

The Associate Dean, Undergraduate Programs, has funds available in the Undergraduate Program budget to support student activities that are related to the academic program. Funding from this office is mainly directed towards academic competitions and conferences that students may attend individually or as groups. Funds are also used to support student groups and clubs in a number of different ways. Funding Decisions are made by the Associate Dean, Undergraduate Programs. To apply, please submit your proposal to the attention of the Associate Dean, Undergraduate Programs at Please indicate Undergraduate Student Funding Request 2019/20 in the subject line of your email.

Grad Class Gift Fund

Every year since 2002, the graduating class has been invited to donate money to the School of Business to be placed in a special fund called the Grad Class Gift. All money donated has been matched (up to $5,000.00 per year) by an anonymous donor. Money in the Grad Class Gift Fund has been made available to individual students or student groups to support any activity or expenditure that enriches student life in the Alberta School of Business. In the past, money has been given to buy microwaves for the student lounge, to buys water bottles for an intramural hockey team, to support conference attendance, and to subsidize student membership in professional organizations. Funding decisions are made by a committee consisting of student members and the Associate Dean, Undergraduate Programs. Click here for the Grad Class Gift application form.  Deadline to apply for 2019/20 is November 30th, 2019.

International Activities Fund

Funds are available to students to support international student exchanges, international study tours, international work placements, enrolment in senior language courses and other international activities. Subsidies are available in some cases to all students participating, and full support is available for students with demonstrated financial need. Click here for the International Activities application form. Please send inquires to

BSA Student Activity Fund

The Business Students’ Association Student Activity Fund is used to reimburse conference related expenses for students. Funding decisions are made by a student committee independent of the BSA.   Please direct any inquires to the BSA.

Funding Policy for Student Organizations

The School has centralized all funding for student groups in the Undergraduate Office. Request by any undergraduate student organization for School funding of any project, activity, or event must be addressed to the Associate Dean, Undergraduate Programs. The rationale for this centralization is to ensure fairness in funding decisions, to improve accountability, and to follow consistent priorities in allocating scarce funding. Please direct any inquires to