Funding Opportunities

There are several sources of funding available to students in the Alberta School of Business to support individual and student group activity.

Before requests will be considered for a Student Club, the club must

  • be registered through the UofA Students Union for the current academic year.
  • have an updated exectutive list regisistered with the Undergraduate Program Office. Please use our Google Form.

Funding for specific club events requires advance registration and approval from the Student Event Risk Management (SERM) Team. Note, at this time all in-person events are suspended due to COVID-19. Please use this form for virtual events.

Undergraduate Program Office Funding

Funds are available through the Undergraduate Program Office to support student activities that are related to the academic program. Funding is mainly directed towards academic competitions coordinated through the office and support of undergraduate student clubs. 

Applications for the Winter 2021 term are open until January 5. 

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Grad Class Gift Fund

Every year since 2002, the graduating class has been invited to donate money to the School of Business to be placed in a special fund called the Grad Class Gift. All money donated has been matched (up to $5,000 per year) by an anonymous donor. Money in the Grad Class Gift Fund has been made available to individual students or student groups to support any activity or expenditure that enriches student life in the Alberta School of Business. In the past, money has been given to buy microwaves for the student lounge, to buy water bottles for an intramural hockey team, to support conference attendance, and to subsidize student membership in professional organizations. Requests for funding have been suspended at this time.

International Activities Fund

Funds are available to students to support international student exchanges, international study tours, international work placements and other international activities. Funding is limited and based on demonstrated financial need. Requests for funding have been suspended at this time.

BSA Student Activity Fund

The Business Students' Association Student Activity Fund is used to reimburse conference related expenses for students. Funding decisions are made by a student committee independent of the BSA. Please direct any inquires to the BSA.