Bachelor of Commerce (BCom)

Undergraduate Program Office Funding

The Associate Dean, Undergraduate Programs, has funds available in the Undergraduate Program budget to support student activities that are related to the academic program. Funding from this office is mainly directed towards academic competitions and conferences that students may attend individually or as groups. Funds are also used to support student groups and clubs in a number of different ways. Funding Decisions are made by the Associate Dean, Undergraduate programs.

Undergraduate Programs Office Funding is available to single students or to student groups. All registered undergraduate students in Business are eligible to apply. However, the activities that are most likely to get sponsored will be those that address themselves to funding priorities of the Alberta School of Business and are not just for the benefit of a single student or a small group of students. Competition funding, when approved, is generally at 100% of the cost of the competition. Conference funding is generally only to a maximum of 50% of the cost. Funding received from other sources must be reported and will be taken into account when deciding the level of support to give.


Students who wish funding for any project activity or event must present to the Associate Dean, Undergraduate Programs, a funding proposal outlining the nature of the request and why Alberta School of Business funding is being sought. A detailed budget must accompany this proposal. The proposal must specify the amount being requested. A decision with respect to the proposal will be made by the Associate Dean, Undergraduate Programs, or in his absence, by his designate.  Students are encouraged to seek external support for funding proposals from interested or involved academic staff members. Such support will obviously strengthen any proposal.


To apply, please submit your proposal to the Associate Dean, Undergraduate Programs.  Include Undergraduate Student Funding 2019/20 Request in the subject of your email.  Deadline to apply is February 21, 2020.