Bachelor of Commerce (BCom)

Peer Advice

Advice and tips from current international students studying in the BCom program

  • Start socializing from day one. Most classes will have group work and it's better to find group members early in the term.
  • Expect professors with thicker accents than yours. A lot of professors are international too, so don't panic if you don't understand them. In a couple of weeks you will be used to their accents.
  • Don't be afraid to participate in class. You have a different point of view than most Canadian students, and both professors and peers value that.
  • Business courses can be very fast-paced and require a lot of reading. If you are prepared for this and take time to plan for the term, it will help you to handle the workload.
  • Ask classmates to recommend classes and professors for future terms.  Third and Fourth year students will provide you with great insight.
  • Register in courses as soon as they are open for registration, especially for courses required in your major. Some courses or instructors are really popular, so be prepared.
  • Check your ualberta email account. You will get very important information sent to this account, starting from when you are admitted to when you graduate from the BCom program.
  • It is fine if your English is not perfect. All you need to do is to practice, so make friends with students whose first language is English. Talk to everyone.


If you would like to provide any tips for new international students, send an email to the Undergraduate Program Office. Submitting comments or advice is completely voluntary. All submissions will be posted anonymously, with no identifying characteristics of the students who submitted them.