What is a Cohort and how do I register for classes?

The Cohort Program permits new business students to work in groups, allowing students to develop close academic relationships with their peers. This leads to the development of superior teamwork, communication and leadership skills. Cohort status is determined by transfer credit assessment and the cohort sequencing involves the second-year Primary Core courses: MGTSC 312, MARK 301, ACCTG 311, BUS 201, FIN 301 and SMO 310.  

Cohort students register in these courses in an assigned timetable. You will not be able to register these courses until you have been assigned a cohort pattern (a timetable). Only these required six courses are registered in the timetable.

If you have any questions about registration that are not addressed by this webpage, please contact a BCom advisor in the Undergraduate Program Office.

Cohort Registration Steps

  1. Change your program code - Current U of A students must change their program codes for both the Fall and Winter term before gaining access to business courses. If you are transferring from outside of the U of A proceed to the next step, unless you have been admitted to more than one program.
  2. Email your cohort selection - Visit this link and rank the cohort patterns from your most preferred to least preferred and email your selection to the email address listed on the webpage. Carefully review your cohort rankings before emailing, as they are final and cannot be changed without proof of hardship or extenuating circumstances.
  3. Register in your cohort courses - A cohort assignment will be emailed to your UAlberta email account. Register your cohort courses according to your assigned timetable. Your cohort pattern assignment and the timetable (the times for each class within your cohort pattern) are set and cannot be changed. Please note: If you have successfully completed STAT 252, then you do not need to register for MGTSC 312.