Bachelor of Commerce (BCom)


What is a Non-Cohort student and how do I register?

There are six required courses (Primary Core) that all students in the BCom program must take: MGTSC 312, MARK 301, ACCTG 311, BUS 201, FIN 301 and SMO 310.

Cohort students register these courses in an assigned timetable (cohort pattern). Non-Cohort students do not get assigned a timetable. Instead, you will register these courses in non-cohort sections or within a cohort section that has space reserved for non-cohort students.

If you have any questions about registration that are not addressed by this webpage, please contact a BCom advisor in the Undergraduate Program Office.

Non-Cohort Registration information

  1. Change your program code
    If you have transferred to the U of A from another post-secondary institution, please proceed to Step #2, unless you have been admitted to more than one degree program at the U of A for this Fall.
    Current U of A students must change their program codes for both the Fall & Winter term before you will have registration access for Business courses. 
  2. Review Non-Cohort information
    The BCom website has a listing of which course sections are reserved for non-cohort studentsRegister in any of your required primary core business courses (MGTSC 312, MARK 301, ACCTG 311, BUS 201, FIN 301 & SMO 310) using these non-cohort sections.
  3. Select additional courses to register
    Review your program flowchart for additional courses to add to your timetable. Depending on the transfer credit that you have received towards your degree, you will have room for additional business or non-business courses. Only the primary core business courses are registered in non-cohort sections.