You tried to register in a business course and you received an error message. Now what?

If you receive the error message “requisites not met”

  1. Are you a current U of A student or have you been admitted to more than one program? In order to register in business courses, you need to change your program code for both the Fall & Winter term. 
  2. Do you have the pre-requisite or co-requisite listed for the course? A pre-requisite course must be registered in a previous term. A co-requisite course can be register in a previous term or it can be registered in the same term. Check this requirement using the course listings from the Academic Calendar.
  3. Are you in the correct year of study for the course? Business courses have restricted registration access based on your year of study in the BCom program. To view the year restrictions, open this PDF.
  4. Does the course have time-limited registration access? Business courses have restricted access based on a student’s major or minor.  
  5. Are you a non-cohort student? If you are trying to register a primary core business course (MGTSC 312, MARK 301, ACCTG 311, BUS 201, FIN 301 & SMO 310) where there are limited spaces for non-cohort students, you will get the “requisites not met” error message when there are no non-cohort spots available. Review your registration checklist for more information.

If you receive the error message “class is full”

  1. Keep trying to register in the course on Bear Tracks even though the course is full. The more times you try and register, the better your odds are of getting into the course when a spot becomes available. Every time you try and register and receive an error message, a record is kept of your attempt. Those attempts are reviewed by departments to gauge the demand for a course. If space permits, departments may add additional spots for high demand courses.
  2. Sign up for the email notification on Bear Tracks. You can sign up to receive an email when a space becomes available in the class. There can be a time delay between when the spot becomes available and your receipt of the email. Your best option is to make multiple registration attempts on Bear Tracks.
  3. Instructors cannot offer you a spot in a course that is full. Instructors do not have registration access to add you to their class. All registration questions must be directed to the Undergraduate Office.
  4. If you are trying to register in a course required for graduation in your final term, meet with a student advisor in the Undergraduate Office just before classes begin. In the meantime, continue to try and register the course on Bear Tracks. When you meet with an advisor you can review the emergency placement policy.