Bachelor of Commerce (BCom)

Breanne Schroder

Breanne Schroder

2010 BCom | Co-op Program
Marketing Major

How did you end up in the BCom program and what did you specialize in?

My parents own their own business which has a huge impact on a kid growing up. Dinner table conversation started out about school, sports and friends but inevitably, always ended up being about business. My brothers and I hung out in the office after school and all worked there throughout high school and college. All of that being said, earning my BCom (with a major in Marketing) was a stop on my natural trajectory. I specifically chose the University of Alberta because it fit who I am. I felt at home there.

You participated in the Cooperative Education program during your time at the School of Business? Did you find the Co-op program valuable? If so, why?

My Co-op work terms were the most valuable part of my degree. I lived in new cities for both placements and took on roles that were out of my comfort zone. I made incredible connections, gained influential mentors and acquired real-world skills that I couldn't have found in a textbook. My advice for co-op students? Pick drastically different opportunities for your placements with the goal of developing yourself into a more employable graduate. Only applying for jobs that are within your existing skill set isn't going to get you there.

What did you take away from the Alberta BCom that helps you succeed in your career at Google? Can you tell me a little about your position at the company?

I'm an Account Manager at Google, Toronto. My three favourite things about my job: (1) I'm surrounded by insanely talented people every day at work, (2) I get to partner with companies in a meaningful way that drives real business results, (3) I'm proud to be a part of an organization doing seriously innovative stuff that makes our world a better place (i.e. our contact lens project).

What did I take away from my education that makes me successful ? I spent a lot of my BCom in extra-curricular activities: handling rapid fire questions at case competitions, being scrappy with limited budgets while organizing an event, project managing a huge conference... all of these things made me an attractive job applicant and contributed to the strong foundation for which I'm building an amazing career.

Do you have any advice for young people who are either thinking of starting a BCom degree or are working towards one?

This is how I've approached everything in life (school, career, personal life, fitness, etc.): Be all in. I believe the only time you really fail is when you fail to give 100% of yourself to achieving your goal.