Bachelor of Commerce (BCom)

Cohort Program

What is a cohort?

  • A cohort is another way of saying group. In the Bachelor of Commerce program, all first year students (Year 2) take their core courses in cohort groups.

How does it work?

  • Year Two of the BCom program has been designed to be taken as an integrated whole with select courses taken in pattern.
  • Majority of students will participate in the cohort program. Each of these groups consist of approximately 65 students who will take these six core classes together through the course of the year. 
  • All students are allowed to choose their preferred cohort, but once in a cohort, a student is not permitted to vary from the pattern without the permission of the Undergraduate Office.
  • Each cohort pattern permits students opportunities to take courses outside the School of Business, in various time slots, in either term.
  • Cohort patterns for new students are posted each spring on the BCom website. Assignments to cohorts is on a first come, first served basis once the student is admitted.
  • For more information on course selection in the Faculty of Business, please visit the U of A Calendar.


  • The cohort program will increase a student’s understanding of the core functional areas of business and will enhance the ability to see business as a complete area of study.

  • By working together with their peers, they will develop and enhance their communication skills and leadership abilities.

  • Special projects and competitions in BUS 201 will support this experience. Cohort groups compete against each other at various events for points during the academic year, in the fiercely contested Cohort Cup.

Taking these 6 core courses allows for a great basis in selecting their major in Year 3.  The six cohort courses are:

MGTSC 312 BUS 201
MARK 301 FIN 301
ACCTG 311 SMO 310