Business Studies

Students who wish to keep their options open and explore the many facets of a Business education should choose a major in Business Studies. This major allows students to choose coursework from all functional areas of Business, to obtain a broad, generalist degree. You'll get an overview of many functions in the business world and base your studies on how these functions interact. Students must do coursework outside the Alberta School of Business that supports the major's intent to produce well-rounded graduates with diverse talents. Students can create an interdisciplinary degree program by taking courses in languages, science and technology, humanities and social sciences.

All Business Studies majors must take Business electives from at least four of the subject areas of Business, one of which may be expanded into a minor area of specialization. Students may elect to do a minor in any subject area of Business, including: Accounting, Business Economics, Business Law, Business Economics & Law, Entrepreneurship & Family Enterprise, Finance, Human Resource Management, International Business, Management Information Systems, Management & Organization, Management Science, Marketing, Operation Management, Retailing & Services and Strategic Management & Organization.

Numerous employers prefer the generalist BCom graduate with a versatile education background. Such a graduate has exposure to many functional areas and is thus flexible enough to move into many roles and positions in institutions, whether large or small, public or private. A graduate will be well-positioned for entrepreneurial ventures and for further educational and professional training.