Bachelor of Commerce (BCom)

Entrepreneurship and Family Enterprise

If you’re entering business school with the dream and determination to start and run your own business; diligently pursuing a career that will lead you up the corporate ladder to executive positions; interested in a professional program such as law or an MBA, or in public service routes and government positions; or if your own family has a business, this major is for you. You may not realize that the majority of businesses worldwide are actually family firms and you will, at some point in your career, find yourself starting, working for, or advising a family business. If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, understanding how to mobilize your familial resources will put you ahead of the game.

The Alberta School of Business is known as a global leader in family enterprise and entrepreneurship. As one of our students, you will learn directly from established scholars who are world-experts in the field.  You will develop the attitudes, skills and knowledge needed to work effectively in a start-up or collaboratively with others in existing firms. Two streams are available—general entrepreneurship and family enterprise. Depending on your stream, you will learn how to:

  • Identify and evaluate business opportunities, mobilize resources and create an organization
  • Interact with family enterprises effectively and develop enhanced understanding of the unique challenges of family firms in different regions throughout the world
  • Integrate family members into a business venture, take over leadership of an existing family enterprise, pass a business onto the next generation and manage the trans-generational transfer of wealth

The Alberta School of Business also houses the Centre for Entrepreneurship and Family Enterprise—a globally-leading research centre dedicated to studying and disseminating knowledge of family business. Our global presence also ensures our students receive a globally-based education. For example, each year we offer a European Study Tour for students interested in family business in Europe.