Management and Organization

Why should you choose the Management & Organization major? You are interested in people, how things are done at work, and how to make positive changes so that results get better and better over time. You're likely a bit of an extrovert, someone who likes to get out there in the real world. Your resume shows that you have volunteered your time to charities or other social or sport groups, that you have had a number of people-contact jobs in sales or service, and possibly that you have started up your own business. The BCom degree you want to end up with is one that shows both you have learned a lot of concepts and theories and that you can apply that knowledge in real life situations. 

In the M&O major, you will get to choose the courses you want to custom build your BCom degree. In M&O you'll be able to select a number of Strategic Management & Organization courses offered by outstanding faculty. We have courses in entrepreneurship and family business, human resource management, change management, professional service firms, cross-cultural management, working in groups and teams, understanding power and conflict, leadership, and many more! Working with people is what all business students will be doing, no matter what major they choose. The M&O major is focused on this fact and lets you take the courses you want to help get you ready to work more effectively with people.

Employers are increasingly seeking students with a broad understanding of organizations that will prepare them for an eventual position of significant leadership in an organization. The major in management and organization is a good career choice for any student who sees their future in a general management/leadership position or in the growing field of management consultancy specializing in, for example, change management consulting, business planning consultant or management training. As management is essential to the effective functioning of any organization, career opportunities are available for managers in all sectors of the economy. The flexibility of the major allows students to tailor courses to meet their personal design.